Saturday, February 7, 2009

Dead Air Search Terms

One of the truly terrific things about Sitemeter and Statcounter--you can track the search terms and exact words (on Google, Yahoo and other search engines) that bring folks to your blog. These are the actual terms that people enter, that bring up my blog. (This means I have used these words in some combination, not that I am necessarily what they are looking for!)

Some of the search terms are pretty scary, some are interesting and make me curious, and others make me laugh so hard, tears literally run down my face.

Announcement: I've decided SEARCH TERMS needs to be a regular feature of DEAD AIR! They are just too good not to chronicle here.


First installment:

movie of dead grandfather who doesn't realize he is dead body parts keep coming off

Daisy Duck porn

comic books of animal sex with humans and animal rights?

amanda knox diary things she wrote in her diary are completely disgusting, not to mention some of the filthy short stories she wrote for creative writing

nipple rubbing rock music NOW!

Kevin Cronin diabetes commercial

Octuplets mom is a head case

Michael Phelps naked bong

Iggy Pop naked Michigan

transgender Deadheads for Obama

Popular black names for white people?

Steely Dan the antichrist

radical feminists with vegetarian cats

Pete Townshend gay for HOW LONG?

"berkeley" "deadhead" "greek" "murder" "camp"


(Yes, really curious about that last one... sounds like a fascinating story!)

Well, sports fans, that's it for this installment, but stay tuned. I get great ones all the time!

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Doc Anchovy said...

Daisy Duck? Is nothing sacred?

Daisy said...

It's funny that you got that "Daisy Duck Porn" search because I got one a couple weeks ago for "Daisy blowing Donald" ... gross! Some poor person this week was searching for "get ringworm on lips from kissing cat."

Do you get lots of searches for "Dirty Daisy" too? I get at least a dozen a week. They must be disappointed when they see me, because I am clean.

John Powers said...

These newfangled tools really do seem an extension of mind. It's very interesting to look at search terms. I'm not very conscious of what terms I'm using when I'm looking for something specific which I can't remember--like a name or a particular word. I'm sure I probably put in search terms out of streams of consciousness.

Clay Shirky wrote a very interesting essay Ontology is Over Rated. I think one of the reasons that search entries seem so crazy is because we still imagine that all knowledge ought to be organized along the lines of Platonic ideals. Shirky writes:

"It comes down ultimately to a question of philosophy. Does the world make sense or do we make sense of the world? If you believe the world makes sense, then anyone who tries to make sense of the world differently than you is presenting you with a situation that needs to be reconciled formally, because if you get it wrong, you're getting it wrong about the real world."

My feeling is were trying to make sense of the world. Shirky is right that thinking like that pits me against those whose feeling is the world makes sense. Arguments over "traditional" values always seem to end up at loggerheads.

I use Google's Chrome browser, but have my search engine set to Clusty which sorts results into clusters of similar links. It's very useful for someone like me.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Do you get lots of searches for "Dirty Daisy" too?

Yes!!!!! OMG! :D

Also, lots of searches on "Daisy dead in GIRL INTERRUPTED" (they refer to the suicide-character played by Brittany Murphy) --every time some channel reruns the movie, I get a buncha "dead Daisy" searches.

yellowdog granny said...

more interesing that the ones that come to my blog..any linking of the word fuck and grannies gets them to me..very desturbing..

Dennis the Vizsla said...

That first one about the dead grandfather sounds like an old episode of Tales from the Darkside called "A Case of the Stubborns".

Annie said...

I admit it. I am afraid to know, pretty much!

kikipotamus said...

Oh my, yours are much more interesting than the search term combos that land people on my site. Wow.

sheila said...

Nipple rubbing rock music? lol and yes, that last one? Cue the scary music.

polerin said...

I *knew* steely dan was the antichrist!


JoJo said...

Weird! How do you know or find out what words people use to end up on your blog?

DaisyDeadhead said...

If you install Sitemeter on your site, it will track your hits for you. Go to "referrals" and you can click on the actual link that linked to your blog. If it's a Google or Yahoo (or other search engine) link, then you will see the search terms they entered.

Try it, it's FUN! :D

white rabbit said...

Nipple rubbing rock music??? :O

I'm still puzzling over this strange notion. Does the music rub your - erm - nipples and if so how?

And indeed why?

All very odd...

back btw