Monday, February 9, 2009

Another reason Lindsey Graham is on my last good nerve

Senator Lindsey Graham never stops running his mouth. Photo by George Gardner of the GREENVILLE NEWS.

In addition to being an annoyingly hypocritical right-wing closet case, he is voting against the stimulus:

Graham plans to vote against Obama's stimulus plan

By Jenny Munro • BUSINESS WRITER • February 9, 2009 • GREENVILLE NEWS

Calling the proposed $827 billion stimulus plan "an orgy of government spending," Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham said today he plans to vote against the legislation when it comes up for a vote, probably Tuesday.

Graham said he’s received plenty of calls from South Carolinians who said they don’t know what to believe about the legislation.

"I believe we need a stimulus package. I believe we need to do more than cut taxes. We need to spend," he said during a Greenville press conference before returning to Washington, D.C. But this legislation is much too large and "is a spending bill, not a jobs creation bill."

He said a major disappointment "is that little in this bill deals with housing," he said. "Until you get housing stabilized, prices stabilized and banks working, you won’t stimulate the economy."

The Obama administration is likely to return to Congress in the future, requesting at least $500 billion more for housing and banks, he said. If that occurs, he plans to suggest that the stimulus bill be reopened so some of the money can be directed toward those sectors.

Graham said he favors extending food stamps, extending unemployment benefits, beginning shovel-ready infrastructure projects, cutting taxes for businesses so they can create jobs and providing general aid to states.

"This package failed in every way," including creating a bipartisan environment, he said. "Count me in for stimulating the economy and creating new jobs. Count me out for growing the government."

The real problem, he said, is that "nobody’s thinking about the future." He said he fears that future generations of Americans might be the first that won’t have a reason to expect to fare better than their parents.
The #1 Republican attack dog is, pardon expression, FULL OF SHIT.

Any comments on the stimulus or on Graham? Have at it, my lovelies.

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Bryce said...

love how the tv talking heads keep repeating "he is very close to Rahm Emanuel"- how close? it's like a big wink.

fuck lg-like i said on thread u linked.

jovan b. said...

It's official: Graham and DeMint are the hyper-partisans. They are the ones playing political games with our future. The GOP clearly hasn't learned a thing from their losses. These two are way out of touch with America.

JLK said...

It's like the Colbert clip I put up on my blog last night.

If Republicans really don't like the stimulus bill and really want to take a stand, they shouldn't take a GODDAMN DIME from it for their districts. Period.

If they really represent the people, they can find out the hard way what their people want when they get tons of emails and phone calls asking them why they fucked over their constituents in a partisan temper tantrum.

What really kills me is how so many of these guys are from districts where Obama is incredibly popular. Why they think these people wouldn't then support this bill is just another reminder that most of these jackasses think they're smarter than the people they represent.

yellowdog granny said...

I don't know..I think it's a whole lot of money and who's it really going to ...? more of them fecking bankers/ business men who have fucked up their company?...where is the money coming from?..
If those business's want our money..tell them to bring back our jobs from over seas.

JoJo said...

What an asshole. Hey, at least Obama is TRYING to reach out to the other side. God forbid the Republicans give an inch though.

sheila said...

Love how he's FOR extending unempl, and food Is he realllly a republican? I think this whole thing is a mess. I don't think any side knows wtf they are doing. All the crap that almost got tied to that bill AGAIN, makes me sick.

It's the same old same old. The only way to change anything is a full out revolution. And as for them banks? As I've said a quazzillionn times...let. them. fail.

We already have seen what they've spent the first bailout money on, and it wasn't what it was intended to be used on. And we're gonna give them more? Simply stupid.

The people of American need to get off their asses and do something. I just don't know what, because it's not like they actually listen to us. Prime example was when millions called in to voice opposition to the first bailout. And did they listen to their constituents? Nahhhh. But they voted on it to pass once their special interests were added to it. It's sickening.