Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Michelle Obama attacked by ex-Vicodin addict!

Left: John and Cindy McCain.

If you are following the foofaraw over Michelle Obama's harmless remarks, you'll notice that it's mostly a bunch of (surprise!) privileged white guys doing the finger-pointing. USA TODAY reports:
Michelle Obama is getting some attention across the spectrum today for a remark she made yesterday at a rally in Milwaukee. "For the first time in my adult lifetime, I am really proud of my country, and not just because Barack has done well, but because I think people are hungry for change," she said.
As pointed out numerous times, she said "really" proud, not that she wasn't AT ALL proud or that she disliked or was dissatisfied with her country.

The Boston Globe's Political Intelligence blog, headlined their post Pride in the name of Self-love (excuse me? When did she say she loved herself, in that quote?) with Sasha Issenberg commenting:
So what did Michelle Obama think of the United States before her husband decided he wanted to run the place?
Couldn't be any worse than what a lot of us have been thinking for decades. And at Slate (which is supposedly liberal, but I keep waiting for evidence) Mickey Kaus titled his post Is that an S-Chip on Your Shoulder or Are You Just Glad to See Me?:
If Michelle Obama's default position is set to "Aggrieved," it also suggests something personal, no? Maybe, like many strong wives, she wonders why her husband is the one on the top of the family ticket--which might also explain her strange occasional habit of belittling him in public ("snore-y and stinky" ). Beats me. For whatever reason, she sure seems to have a non-trivial chip on her shoulder and it's not a winning quality.
Chip on her shoulder? (BUZZER SOUNDS!!)

Someone hasn't read Nezua's definition of Wite-Magik Attaks, particularly in this case, The Drowning Maestro:
A Wite-Magik Attak that pretends to be utterly concerned with the brown person's tone. It matters not that the brown person might be speaking passionately of hurts they have suffered their entire life, hurts they suffer as they speak, starving children, raped women or murdered millions. The person hurling the Wite-Magik Attak fixates upon the TONE of the complaint or insight. Because what really bothers them is that a brown person has the nerve to speak with such self-confidence and passion. This, in fact, scares them. If it weren't such a demeaning move when you have something you feel is important to say, this Attak would be downright comical. Just picture a conductor waving his wand as he plummets to the bottom of a darkening sea.

• ARROGANT mexican
• SHRILL woman
• UPPITY negro

NOTE: This Attak often comes with a carrot. In other words, what is really desired is for the brown person to admit the desired hierarchy, to get "back in place." To achieve this, the power-holding person will often criticize the tone of the desired subjugate while making it clear that a withheld reward might come their way if they submit to the invisible pecking order being violated.

• "We'd admit about your point if you presented it nicer."
• "I have this work I was going to throw your way, is there a problem?"
• "People would listen to your complaint if you weren't so loud."
• "If you want people to care about this, you should learn to be smoother."

Yup, I'd say Mickey Kaus' comment certainly qualifies.

Predictably, conservatives at National Review, as well as Pat Buchanan at MSNBC last evening, ripped Michelle a new one. Nepotism-beneficiary John Podhoretz* dutifully and obediently lines up and mindlessly parrots the neocon views he learned from daddy and mummy, writing in daddy's periodical COMMENTARY:
[The] pseudo-messianic nature of the Obama candidacy is very much a part of the way the Obamas themselves are feeling about it these days.
And how does asswipe Podhoretz know how they are feeling???? (Or is it just that neocons know EVERYTHING???)

The most celebrated response, of course, came not from a finger-pointing white man, but from the ex-Vicodin addict wife of the probable Republican nominee for president, Cindy McCain, who made news trashing Michelle by stating she is proud of her country.

Apparently, not back in the early 90s, when she was stealing drugs from her "relief" organization (yes, we all need relief sometimes, don't we Cindy?) the American Voluntary Medical Team. You call that PRIDE, girlfriend? I call it GETTING HIGH. Did she stop to wonder what the pain-ridden folks in deprived countries might think about the fact that drugs originally intended for THEM were instead filched by a rich Senator's wife? That is hardly an American-pride moment, ma'am.

As the Arizona Republic reported, during McCain's previous presidential run:
Cindy blamed two back surgeries and the Keating Five scandal - a blend of physical and emotional pain - for hooking her on drugs.

Things started to unravel when a Drug Enforcement Administration audit found irregularities in the charity's records, prompting an investigation, Cindy told the reporters.

In 1992, as the Keating affair surfaced again during McCain's run for a second Senate term, Cindy's parents confronted her about her drug use.

What had been clear to Cindy's parents was lost on McCain, who said he had not noticed his wife's addiction.
Was she proud of her country, while all of this was going on? Did she even know what country she was IN?

Before anyone says I am "mean" for picking on Cindy, rest assured, I know from drug addiction, and that's exactly why I write this. Cindy, sit down and shut the fuck up. Barack Obama is too nice to say anything about your thieving addict ways, but Michele just might. People in glass houses... etc etc etc.

Then again, if the women go at it, it might be fun. Is that why the media is harping on this stuff? The guys want the girls to fight? Figures.

*HUMOROUS ASIDE: The late paleoconservative writer Samuel Francis referred to William Kristol and John Podhoretz as "the neocons' unemployable offspring"--which I thought was funny, as well as accurate. Do these fortunate sons have minds of their own, or only spout what their All-Powerful Daddies tell them to? In any event, it's usually best to ignore them, except when you MUST mention their constant yammering, as in a story like this.

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CrackerLilo said...

Check out Michelle Malkin's (the Filipina who leans to the right of Genghis Khan and thinks the Japanese interment was a *great* idea) response.

The more this racist sewage comes out, the more I hope to see the Obama family moving their stuff into the White House next January.

John Powers said...

Your posts come fast and furious, either that or my mind is really slow.

"War is Hell" was too long ago, so forgive me for posting a link to Andrew Bacevich's WP piece I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty.

Yesterday's post remembering Chinue Tao Hashim, tears streamed when I read "It was Cynthia's son." I lost a brother to violence, not police violence. It hurts.

You know I'm a privileged white guy. Still the (BUZZER SOUNDS!!) brought a big smile. First, of course, is people will do well to read Nezua. Second, people have pointed out to me the loud buzzer sound when something asinine has come out of my mouth.

It's that second bit, learning the codes that keep us in place, that I love so about your writing. I mean who wants to stay in their place? We all want a better place.

Nobody really wants to be called out, but on the other hand when I'm called out and realize a perspective from which I can not be a jerk; well that just seems like a gift has been presented me.

Michelle Obama is really proud because people are hungry for change. Yes we are! Thanks for pointing out how the message makers are parroting the "No, You Can't" McCain line. We can change, and the change will do us good.

shadocat said...

Gawd, Daisy that headline is bril! Why IS Cindy's former drug use off limits? If she thought that lil' ole scandal was stressful, wait 'til she's first lady. Who's to say she won't be poppin' happy pills like Tic-tacs?

KH said...

I assume that the happy ending to this story of opiate addiction & the felony theft that supported it is that McCain went on to be a leader in the fight for more rational & humane drug laws, right? Right?

skippy said...

hey, daisy, sorry to take so long, but dda is now on skippy's blogroll!

ms.cripchick said...

ha, her comment is what made me become supportive of his campaign. not always being proud of your country=truth. glad she said it.

Anonymous said...

Some where back around the tenth of the month I noted the same thing. I shook hands with Senator Obama in Orangeburg a year ago and figured I'd just had a few nice words with the next president.

But Michelle is angry .... kinda mean chip thing going on.