Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Fred Thompson in Greenville, SC

Republican presidential candidate (and actor) Senator Fred Thompson stopped by the Market Deli on Wade Hampton Boulevard in Greenville, South Carolina, this evening. His canned-conservative political speech was pretty boring, although he was very personable and dryly funny in that down-home Tennessee manner of his. The crowd included a lot of Bob Jones University people, seeing as how the school is less than a mile away. A sign outside the deli instructed us to keep Christ in Christmas.

Everyone was exceedingly polite and well-behaved; there was certainly NO fervor matching the huzzahs, wild applause and carrying-on that greeted Ron Paul's November Greenville visit. Senator Thompson droned on about being committed to the war on terror, reminding us that the terrorists "don't mind if it takes 100 years," causing me to think, please God, let us NOT be at war for 100 years. He spoke fondly of Secretary Condoleezza Rice, promised to preserve Israel (a shameless grab for the BJU vote), made a few folksy jokes, and referred to God several times. (The first thing he would do as president, he said, is get down on his knees and pray.)

I took some great photos, and was momentarily far more thrilled to be so close to a LAW AND ORDER star, than a Senator or presidential candidate.

Yes, I admit it!

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ted said...

Likely a more informative account than the Greenville News is going to provide in the morning. Makes me think somebody needs to organize the local internet talent into an online newspaper.

Bryce said...

did he look more interested than he usually does? lol

SuccessWarrior said...

The fourth picture makes it look he's got an Ahnold cyborg guarding him with the one bright red eye.