Saturday, February 22, 2020

Shout Out Saturdays

At left: me in October, honoring the late Elijah Cummings.

Out into the streets today! The Saturday crowd is a good deal rougher than during the week. During our Tuesday demonstrations, we meet the regular lunchtime workaday crowd, but on Saturday, the folks come out from the suburbs and surrounding rural areas, to shop and eat. Some are pretty uninhibited!

The Trump people love him with an unbridled passion. This isn't a "lesser of two evils" thing.

I think back to the way people haphazardly defended Richard Nixon: But he can deal with the Soviets! ... it was literally the only nice thing his defenders could think of, to say about him ... but now? They don't even bother. Trump is a football team. YEA TEAM! No reasons for their defenses are given.. or necessary. They are the pro-America side and we are the devils.

They stand there incredulous: "What do you have against Trump?" they ask, accusingly.

And the Yippies taught me how to answer such a question: "Why would anybody NOT be against Trump?"

"What reason is there to like Trump?"

"Why aren't you against Trump????" ... and I return their dopey incredulous expressions, measure for measure. Word for word.

They can't handle it and never could.

One notable exception: I told one stereotypical, nasty, awful moneyed-Southern-lady, that Trump was a pervert and pussy-grabber, and if she liked him, she must be a pervert too.

I wish yall could have seen her face. I am utterly certain it was the first time in her life anybody had EVER spoken to her like that, and I am proud it was ME who did. :D

One guy ostentatiously prays over us, kneeling and gesturing melodramatically to the sky. This brings my usual response when people are doing that, which I stole from my late mama: Who you wavin at?

In December, another devoted counter-demonstrator tried to sing Christmas carols to us, but of course that backfired since we knew all the words too, and sang right along with him, loudly. We incorporated his anti-protest into our protest and he was somewhat chagrined. He also seemed amazed we knew the songs, especially the particularly-religious ones like "O Come O Come Emmanuel"... honestly, does he think we were all raised to be heathens? Most of us could quote his own holy book back to him at length, in spades.


On my way to Trader Joes yesterday, heard the airwaves saturated with Mike Bloomberg ads. The South Carolina primary is Saturday, the Nevada caucus is today.

We'll see if money talks on 'our side' as well.

I think it probably does.