Monday, April 30, 2018

Babes in Transland

Things are getting certifiable over in Trans-land.

TRANSWORLD -- a major cannibalism-site, where you can directly observe the Left eating itself.

For background, newbies might want to read Michelle Goldberg's New Yorker piece from almost 4 years ago, still one of the best summations of the Troubles:
The most dramatic change in the perception of transgenderism can be seen in academia. Particularly at liberal-arts colleges, students are now routinely asked which gender pronoun they would prefer to be addressed by: choices might include “ze,” “ou,” “hir,” “they,” or even “it.” A decade ago, no university offered a student health plan that covered gender-reassignment surgery. Today, dozens do, including Harvard, Brown, Duke, Yale, Stanford, and the schools in the University of California system.
As I said, Goldberg's article was written almost four years ago. Transgender is now fully acceptable most everyplace in the West.

As a result, the omnipresence of radical trans postmodern 'theory' has skyrocketed, but they seem to have no real political agenda at all. You'd think health care would bring them out to protest with us about trans health care... but ((crickets)). You'd think they would be demonstrating in droves against Trump, a conservative who wants to roll back civil rights protections... but ((crickets)).

In short, shit has gotten very weird even since that eye-opening article.

For one thing, the split between the trans men (assigned female at birth) and trans women (assigned male at birth) has become almost-explosive, as these two groups continue to embrace very different agendas. Trans men want to blend in unobtrusively and simply be seen as males; by contrast, this new crop of young radical trans women (most of whom call themselves lesbian and "non-binary") pointedly do not.

The main thing trans women seem interested in right now is lesbians. On tumblr, it is a rather embarrassing and all-consuming fixation; they rarely even talk to non-lesbians like me anymore. They are obsessed with young lesbians and "lesbian spaces" (that they claim they are being kept out of) and talk about lesbians seemingly constantly.

One reason trans women are resentful and dislike trans men is that lesbians will sleep with them regardless of whether they are calling themselves men, and will not sleep with the trans women even if they call themselves women. This is because lesbians are attracted to vaginas and not penises. It used to be that the trans women went and got themselves surgical vaginas, but those days are long gone. The current statistic is that only 15-20% of trans women have genital surgery, although a large majority do get breast implants.

That means the new task is to convince lesbians to like penises. Or at least to convince them that they should show equanimity regarding all genitalia ... and let's face it, that is a tall order.

You hear that? No difference.

And if you think so, you are a "terf".("trans exclusionary radical feminist") [1]

For the record, there is no account of any "terf" physically harming a trans woman in any way, yet we repeatedly (daily!) read this scary stuff:

Extremely 'radical'--and yet... they gleefully quote that old dead European white hetero cis guy Sigmund Freud (they are permitted to dabble in misogynist patriarchal theories when necessary--but don't YOU try that, missy!):

And check out the science (or lack of it) ... this insane gibberish is likely what gets to me the most. Kids are being taught that hormones change "every cell in the body"--apparently, despite their ubiquitous Ivy-League educations, they do not even know what chromosomes are:

Read that carefully. If you do not subscribe to this nonsense, you are now "a bigot".

So take a number and stand in line.

Question: Since I have no more estrogen, does this mean "every cell in my body" has changed back to--what? Childhood? Old women are children now? What in the world----????!?

And I learned over on tumblr that simply asking that question, or any clarifying question, makes you an evilll terf who deserves to be beaten. Really. They will tell you that, over and over... if you protest that you are 60 years old and beating up grandmas is not a real good form of PR for your movement, they just laugh and promise you that yes it is, they hate old grandmas the most. One grandma already got slugged over in the UK for showing up at a demonstration; the hulking young trans woman went directly after the old woman, not the young ones, who far outnumbered her.


OHHHH DAISY you are being alarmist!--say my mild-mannered readers. Most trans women are like conservative activist Blaire White and just want to live their lives, etc. True enough, but I am talking about the activists, who have made "trans activism" their vocation, their life, their entire raison d'être.

BTW, it is notable that Blaire gets misgendered and called names by other trans activists who hate her--so always remember: misgendering is okay if trans people do it. (PS: they've done it to ME repeatedly too!)

In fact, many SJWs/trans activists actively seek to harm Blaire White; she did a whole video on that. Again, remember the rules: threatening violence against trans people is also okay if done by other trans people and social justice activists.

And on that note.. I must share the most recent violent insanity in wacky Transland that inspired this whole post.

BELOW is a tax-supported public library display in San Francisco, all about killing the terfs... when library patrons (of all genders and politics) dared to complain about it (as they would about a display advocating violence against ANY group of people, needless to say) the library staff and PR folks presented their concerns as "terfs attacking the poor trans women" again. Never mind that some parents did not want their children to see violence against women glamorized and endorsed by the public fucking library.

Right wing blogs are all over this (there's the warning, that is a right wing blog)--cackling about how the Left is eating itself, and "maybe the trannies will finally get rid of the feminists for us?" Their right wing dream come true.

Trans activists don't seem the least concerned about how the right wing is orgasmic over their genocidal plans for the terfs.[2]

This "art" is by a gang called the "degenderettes" which is obviously a deliberate play on the word "degenerates"--cute, huh? (Sounds like people who have never actually been afraid of degenerates, doesn't it? Maybe because they know they are the people everyone should fear.)

They claim to be part of Antifa. Of course.


Here is their library display.

First up, some t-shirts stating intent: "I punch terfs"--well that seems straightforward enough.

The "Your Apathy is Killing Us" slogan was brazenly stolen from ACT-UP, who were fighting the AIDS epidemic and earned the right to use it.

Apathy is not killing trans women since as we see, they are the ones intending to do the killing.

"Femme sledgehammer"--just so you know the person wielding it is a "feminine" trans woman (I guess?):

Check out the "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" barbed wire around that last bat. In case you need to pound some grannies when it really matters!

And did somebody just ask why we might not want to go the bathroom with this individual:

Its those "bloody highlights" that give you pause.

Thank god I live in the South, where they still have library displays about, you know, books.

Remember the famous last line of that movie about Mrs. Bates??? She wouldn't hurt a fly. I am sure the degenderettes wouldn't either.

Photo from Gendertrender, and here is GT's article about this event.


[1] This word used to have meaning, as I have explained in previous posts, but not now. I am regularly called a "terf" and as regular readers know, I had trans people on my radio show several times--the very opposite of "exclusion". When I say this in my defense I am either ignored or told that it doesn't matter, my "opinions" (that biology matters and is a scientific reality) are what makes me a terf. Further, as readers also know, I am a socialist feminist and not a radical feminist.

Using the correct terms and labels for people (like their pronouns) obviously is not a privilege granted to EVERYONE, right? They demand correct terms while zealously and deliberately mislabeling me, and don't miss a beat. THIS is why "terf" is called a slur instead of an accurate term--they use it to inaccurately-label women who aren't even radical feminists.

Why else would they do this, unless it IS a slur, like "alt right"?

This is why I no longer care about the pronouns. When they decide to label me correctly, I will return the favor, and not one millisecond before.

[2] This interesting fact reminds me of the billionaires at the helm of their movement, with openly-pro-military agendas. Mainly, Jennifer Pritzker, who funds university chairs in transgender studies. Pritzker is a billionaire and a Lt. Colonel, and I find it peculiar that trans SJWs who (like the degenderettes) call themselves Antifa and anarchists, would take the money of someone with such a zealously-fascist military career... and yet, they do.

As far as I know, not a single so-called social justice trans person has denounced this munitions-billionaire inserting their right wing pro-military agenda into the trans movement. Not one. If you have seen ANY trans criticism of Pritzker, please link in comments... as far as I can see, Pritzker is universally accepted, feted and welcomed by the trans movement, as is billionaire Martine Rothblatt. Money changes everything.

When the degenderettes tell the likes of Pritzker to fuck off out of their movement, I might believe they are serious about "anarchism"--but until then, they are posturing, ridiculous liars, greedily using Aunt Jennifer's lucrative munitions profits (made by dropping bombs on brown people of the wrong religion). Hey, a few brown people are a small price to pay for being able to fund your art exhibits, right? You would rather take money from someone who still has hard-ons over the Yom Kippur war.

Antifa, my ass.


EDIT: Trans activism is excusing & advocating violence against women, and it’s time to speak up (Feminist Current)


SCWoman said...

You know, I saw that video where Zinnia Jones's partner was working 2 popsicles in her mouth saying, "I'm the dick-suckingest lesbian you ever met," and I thought, "These people are just jokes at this point. They need to be laughed at and then dismissed because that's all they are." But then I see this and well, they aren't going to let that be an option for us, are they? They (people in charge) are going to keep pushing and pushing until this becomes An Issue that no one can escape. In a way, I think it is testing us (lesbians, women, trans people who don't agree with this, and ultimately people in general,) to see how much nonsense we will take before we push back. If they get away with this, what will they try next?

It's like you said about the Peterson protesters - the people who support this are pro-Establishment. This library exhibit makes it obvious that it doesn't take any courage to be "anti-TERF". It is a message coming directly from the system. Trans activism in its current version is coming from the system, it's not a grassroots movement.

Isn't it interesting how they let us (trans people and supporters) think for a few years there that we were on the forefront of something new and exciting and meaningful? Then gradually the rot buried underneath started to come to the surface. And now we find out this whole thing was engineered by a handful of moneyed people? Maybe there are some trans activists out there who really do believe that their effort was what pushed trans into the mainstream, giving us positive media representation and legislation like bill c16.

Buck Angel has a video talking about how he was supposed to do a presentation at a university, but students protested because he is too "problematic" to speak about trans issues, and he got cancelled. Someone who has been on testosterone longer than most of them have been alive, (but there's the ageism again). He sees this as an effort to take away any chance genuine trans people have to tell the truth, and tell their stories. I don't know if I can post a link here, but this is the video:

Daisy Deadhead said...

SCW, I doubt a trans woman of any kind would be considered "problematic"--I was wondering when Buck Angel and his way-out iconoclastic opinions would cost him his place in the movement... but its much sooner than I would have thought. They are now jettisoning their own (like you!), if they won't get with the program.

I expected twitter followers and others to have a fit over this post and unfollow me, etc. Hm. Has not happened ... it is quietly being read. I think we are at the point when even the most PC ppl of all time (like many of my followers; thinking of a few in particular) have also been attacked over imaginary "transphobia"... and they are unlikely to act as allies again on the behalf of mean girls. Period. How many times did I jump in a discussion and try to help, only to be told its not about me, go away, you are making it worse you privileged cis feminist!!! etc. Okay then... if they keep this up with every ally it is obviously just a matter of time before they are totally isolated with their billionaires. (Maybe that is happening already, but its hard to see that when the money insulates them the way it does.)

Kanye West likes Jordan Peterson and the world is having a meltdown over this unlikely fandom ... but so far, NOBODY has taken note of the little fact of how Peterson rose to power (bill c16) and JUST WHO Kanye's father-in-law (mother-in-law?) is. Hm. Maybe Kanye is tired of all the bullshit too?

And I have to tell you, this is brilliant and you deserve an award for this:

It's like you said about the Peterson protesters - the people who support this are pro-Establishment. This library exhibit makes it obvious that it doesn't take any courage to be "anti-TERF". It is a message coming directly from the system. Trans activism in its current version is coming from the system, it's not a grassroots movement.

You are not the only trans person to say this, Jenn Smith in Canada also believes it:

Synanon, the Brainwashing “Game” and Modern Transgender Activism: The Orwellian Implications of Transgender Politics.
By Jenn Smith.

PS: Anybody who starts an essay about mind control with PKD is my friend for life! We are Devoted Dickheads together! LOL

SCWoman said...

I used to be one of those super PC people. Now I'd rather suffer through the occasional tasteless joke in a world where we are all free. Even the assholes. I didn't understand a few years ago when you were struggling with free speech vs. shutting up the trolls on your blog. But I get it now.

My experience was almost the opposite of that. They always wanted me to prove myself as a "good" trans man by running and barking where they told me to bark. When I was asked by trans women on Tumblr, (who for whatever reason didn't want to follow me back, btw,) to go and give another trans man a talking to for being pro-Michfest, there was no time to consider what I really thought about it. It was not an option to think for yourself. It was very clear to me that if I didn't do what I was told, I wasn't in the trans club, and I had to be in the trans club, as being trans was the only hope for me and my future. (I really believed this then.)

I would assume the difference in those two reactions to our allyship was because they already knew that you, by virtue of your "cisness" were out of the group, so their attitude was like, "Go away! (Sticks tongue out)" But I needed to prove, (constantly, over and over again,) that I was worthy of being in the group. Which I couldn't do forever. At the time I gave up, I thought it was a sign of weakness.

Considering that these are elites who engineered this "trans movement", "cis" or "cis het" pretty much just means "commoners" or "peasants" or "unwashed masses." One time on Tumblr, c2012, "GB" aka "KH" got into an argument with another trans woman because she was going on a typical tirade about how much she hated cis people, and the other trans woman told her something like, this was inappropriate, there was no need to be so mean, and she couldn't support this rhetoric. GB/KH came back with, "You are cis to me! Any of the trans people that want to side with the cis people, you are cis to me!" Someone else came on the thread to say that trans is just a trait someone has, they can't not-be it just because their opinions are different. Someone else came back with, "Well there are trans people who identify as cis post-transition, they say they want nothing to do with trans people." (This person was using this as a justification for GB/KH calling trans people "cis" for disagreeing with her.)

Since then, I've seen trans people who say that, while "trans" might describe something about them, they don't identify as or with trans, because the culture that has formed around it is just too alienating. So, in a way, GB/KH was right. Trans people who don't agree with her are "cis". Their experience makes them unable to swallow the new activism, at least in its entirety. They can't relate to what they are being told is their own story, because they lived their own story, and they know this isn't it. Peasants are stubborn like that.

SCWoman said...

(Part 2 because it got so long it wouldn't accept it:)

"You don't have to have dysphoria to be trans," started getting really big around 2012, too. I appreciated some of that, because I felt like whatever version of it I had was milder than some of the people out there. My way of viewing it was, they probably do have dysphoria, but they're so used to excusing their pain and pushing it aside to keep going forward, that they compare that to someone who is so far at their wit's end that they are suicidal, and they think that person's feelings are the only thing that qualifies as dysphoria. I assumed these other "non-dysphorics" were coming from the same place as I was. But now I'm wondering, maybe this, "you don't have to have dysphoria", and also, "you don't have to transition to be trans," is a way for sons and daughters of wealthy, influential people to become trans, and spokespeople of the trans community. These young "nonbinary" spokespeople rise to prominence out of nowhere, and of course, using an alias (new name to replace their "dead name"). They seem to have no experience dealing with on-the-ground homophobia and transphobia. They're such smooth talkers, too. Their YouTube videos, where they explain how they are the oppressed and we are their oppressors, are shot with high-end cameras and equipment.

I heard a couple of years ago that Kim was having trouble accepting Jenner's transition, and Kanye was the one who explained to her why she needed to be accepting. But then, I saw the other day on the tabloids that they are breaking up. So who knows! Kanye has had a difficult time, whatever is going on.

I love that Jenn Smith essay. Frightening, but it gets frightening when you brainstorm about this stuff.

Daisy Deadhead said...

But now I'm wondering, maybe this, "you don't have to have dysphoria", and also, "you don't have to transition to be trans," is a way for sons and daughters of wealthy, influential people to become trans, and spokespeople of the trans community.

Interestingly, a woman on twitter who recently 'muted' me (I didn't even know what that was, honestly) was making this point about racial representation and I was agreeing with her... she still resolutely refused to believe we agreed and kept insisting we were arguing. It was the weirdest thing.

I finally realized she did not WANT me to agree with her--agreeing with a white redneck woman would have compromised her radical reputation, so we could not possibly agree. Although we did. More of the PC-crazies going around.

Otherwise: I would be glad to name her and give her credit for this insight--but since she publicly made a fuss over muting me (humiliation/shaming MUST be added to the PC mix or its no fun at all)--I would never dream of embarrassing her this way in a million years.. but rest assured, I AM making the point that I would never have thought of this myself as a white person.

What she said was how "ethnicity" got re-branded at one point during the black liberation struggle so that nobody really had to be "white" to participate in "not-being-whiteness" anymore.

I had pointed out that a certain actor was not considered white (she *did* consider him white; I did *not*); his parents are not from here and he doesn't even *consider himself* white. Doesn't self-naming count, I asked, and she flatly said NO, the facts count. (Just like feminists are now saying in certain other contexts, if you follow my meaning.)

I reminded her that Henry James and HP Lovecraft and suchlike referred to "the mud people" (Mexicans, Greeks, Italians, Arabs, Egyptians, Jewish, etc) and stipulated officially from New England that these people weren't white. Some of these groups got 'promoted' to whiteness depending upon perceived class, religion and immigration status, but some never did. Some of their whiteness seems "probationary" to me (for lack of a better term), especially non-Ashkenazi Jews and Arabs.

To her, Jim Crow was the measurement. You are black or white, period, and Desi Arnaz (not the actor we were initially discussing, who is notably darker) is a white man, not a "minority". Desi and assorted Jews, Greeks and Italians were on TV long before actual black people.

In short read back what you wrote, above, as "you don't have to be black to do race politics" and fill in the rest verbatim.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Part 2!

So you have somebody on the level of Desi Arnaz (again, not the actor in question but an excellent example, since this actor is currently successful and we are talking about levels of success/status/money) who in the 70s might suddenly start talking about race and capitalizing on the civil rights movement by getting the "urban" roles that might have gone to someone black (or more "authentic"). Maybe the problem was that blacks were TOO "authentic" and the ethnic ones were the ones who could "pass" better to middle American audiences?

Anyway, I finally agreed with her... while still trying to make it clear that this actor has the right to think he is not white if he has indeed been told that his whole life and believes it and is even honored as the first ______ actor in to win an Emmy etc. What is he supposed to do, get his Emmy and say, nahh, really I am white as snow? He isn't. I mean, I see her point and agree about black casting and the role of black people... BUT that still does not make him 'white' to me.

Surprise! Its complex! (lol)

And the 'trans kids' who are a little bit gender-nonconforming, vs those who are flaming (lol) will likewise be taking this elite role over other more "obviously oppressed" people--so will they be aware of it? Like the ethnic actors, I don't think so.

I hope this clumsy analogy made sense... and sorry its so long too... I started typing this, went to Old Tyme Pottery to fuss over throw rugs and then came back and finished... so it may read like gibberish. :)


And check THIS out! A place for refugees! (after the Evergreen State Univ follies of last year, which I hope you watched in their entirety, I am big Bret Weinstein fan):

How to join the Intellectual Dark Web — a user’s guide

Daisy Deadhead said...

typo/blather -- that first post up there:

What she said was how "ethnicity" got re-branded at one point during the black liberation struggle so that nobody really had to be "white" to participate in "not-being-whiteness" anymore.

I meant:

so that nobody really had to be black to participate in "not-being-white" anymore.

hope that was better but I understand if not! (This was the Old Tyme Pottery edit so I apologize for gibberish)

SCWoman said...

"I finally realized she did not WANT me to agree with her--agreeing with a white redneck woman would have compromised her radical reputation, so we could not possibly agree."

I've seen that dynamic and it's wild to me. Okay, so, a person believes they have the truth and know what's up. Wouldn't rednecks agreeing with them be the thing that should happen for progress to flow from their beliefs? If, to be radical, you must always disagree with rednecks, then progress can't happen, can it?

This is somewhat related to my realization that yes, we can and should be worried about reverse racism, misandry, and whatever have you *because* to believe that people who are oppressors now can never become the oppressed is to believe that things can never change. If they can't, then why bother resisting? But I watched that Bret Weinstein video about "how the magic trick is done," and he says that there are people trying to turn the tides on purpose, and this is what they want - not a world without oppression, but where the roles are reversed. So maybe I've been missing the point.

"And the 'trans kids' who are a little bit gender-nonconforming, vs those who are flaming (lol) will likewise be taking this elite role over other more "obviously oppressed" people--so will they be aware of it? Like the ethnic actors, I don't think so."

You're right, they probably aren't aware of it. They probably have no clue why they are getting the gigs they are.

By the way, I don't know if you saw it, but there were people trying to say, a few years ago, that "binary trans people" have "binary privilege" (along with cis people) over nonbinary people. Which meant people who were visibly trans and got a lot of crap for it were being told they had it better than someone who was less gender-nonconforming and got much less crap. The idea didn't stick, but people were trying to promote it.

I had a look over the Intellectual Dark Web link. There's a quote in the text from that "Glitch in the Matrix" video that really speaks to me, about getting your perception back and learning to trust your own observations again. At this point in my life, I'm ready to do that.

JLC said...

Daisy, its JLC from tumblr--and u might find this an interesting read:

Daisy Deadhead said...

My apologies for tardiness in posting these comments; I was in Atlanta bonding with my mother-in-law over Meghan Markle, Price Harry, et al....

And quite honestly, after five years on tumblr, I am not used to ppl *caring* what I say! LOL

Working on another post about this stuff, so stay tuned. Michael Eric Dyson's total meltdown during his "debate" with Peterson was one of the most embarrassing spectacles I have ever witnessed.

Short version: if you can "win" a debate these days simply by calling somebody "a mean mad white man"--our discourse is obviously in the sewer.

I was as 'appalled' as Peterson was.