Friday, January 26, 2018

Anti-Ivanka Trump Protest in Greenville today

Ivanka Trump came to Greenville today to meet with the local Powers That Be (as well as all the little people who make her lovely life possible!) ... and a bunch of us were there to welcome her in our own special way.

The local ad-hoc band known as "The Swampdrainers" sang well-known peace songs as some of us chanted "Trump Go Home." The local news reports 50 protesters, but we now average that every Tuesday; it was at least double that.

Ivanka flew in coach, which is the talk of the town -- as well as obvious proof she is all down with the people.

From the Greenville News:
Ivanka Trump, a senior White House adviser, arrived on a commercial flight about 10 a.m. Friday at Greenville-Spartanburg International Airport.

"She was always smiling and very pleasant," Angela Martinez said after sitting behind the president's daughter on the flight.

Trump stopped at Coffee Underground, a popular downtown coffee shop, before her speaking engagement.

People swarmed her to take pictures outside of Frank's Gentleman's Salon. Wearing a tan blazer, black pants and black shirt, she posed for pictures before leaving in a limo.

A couple of people waited for her outside of the Westin Poinsett around lunchtime. They were disappointed to learn she entered the hotel through a back entrance. There was a notable police presence in the area, including Police Chief Ken Miller.

Police and Secret Service were stationed at nearly every corner of the lobby and mezzanine levels of the hotel.

An organization protested Ivanka Trump's visit on the plaza outside of the hotel. The protesters voiced their views on a number of issues ranging from tax reform to immigration.
They mean us. Yes, we did.

Above: The pope came out to demonstrate with us today! I guess you’re pretty impressed now, huh?

Yes, that’s me, I asked him what took him so long.

As stated above, they herded the pricey GOP donors in the back doors, of course. My co-activist Elaine Cooper chased both SC Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott down Main Street and got excellent footage of both of them, trying to ignore her. Graham practically broke into a trot.

Below: one sign says “resist” and one says “nepotism!” so when they stood together, it said “resist nepotism!”

I really really wanted a sign that said “WELCOME STORMY!” but didn’t have time to make it. ;)


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Daisy you little troublemaker you....hahah

Anonymous said...

the pope? impressive

June Baswell said...

The Pope was asked to leave. I don't know why. Maybe they were afraid protesters would use him as a weapon somehow.

Daisy Deadhead said...

June I saw that! there is a city ordinance about sign sizes. Hoo boy.

Blue Heron said...

I sort of admire Senator Graham. Although many of his positions are anathema to my own, he seems to represent his constituent base and he took very unpopular positions for the rights of prisoners housed at Guantanamo. I admire Republicans that are not afraid to buck the system, like Graham, Flake and McCain.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Elaine is old-school prog-Democrat, so she is all about thanking the Repubs when they do right... so she goes over there and says "Senator Graham -- thank you for caring about the Dreamers!"--while there he was surrounded by the fundies! ROFL--he DID NOT want her to say that as he was simultaneously glad-handing the Bob Jones ppl, LOLOLOL... that's when he practically broke into a trot.

She was after him the whole time, "now Senator, we need health care toooooo"--and she is running after him on his way back to his office.

Great political theatre! :D

As she says, we just need to stay after him every second.