Sunday, March 8, 2015

50th Anniversary of Selma: All Lives Matter

Below, my photos of yesterday's upstate South Carolina march and rally, honoring the 50th Anniversary of the famous Civil Rights march in Selma, Alabama.

The Greenville rally was called "All Lives Matter"--building on recent events and the popular slogan "Black Lives Matter"--with a deliberate emphasis on inclusion highlighted by organizer Traci Fant and participants from the Empowerment Zone (host of the galvanizing yearly event Voices Against Violence, that we have sponsored at Occupy the Microphone).

It was Traci's hope to include active law enforcement in the march, and many decided to attend the march on their own time and brought family members. Other rally speakers familiar to our radio listeners include repeat-guest Reverend Jack Logan of Put the Guns Down Now, Young People.

This event was huge and well-attended, quite a contrast to the NAACP's small but prayerful Spartanburg event on February 7th, also attended by radio personnel.

As I have said countless times, Traci is a human dynamo. She did an outstanding job. Her upstate radio show REAL TALK is on every Sunday afternoon on WOLI FM (our station!) at 3pm, so don't miss it.


First photo features my fabulous radio co-host, Double A, on left, and that's me on the right. (His sign got him into almost every video, including the Fox Carolina footage linked above.) You can click all photos to enlarge.


Steve Cunningham said...

I attended the funeral of a dear friend, VietNam war veteran, ex- Fairfield County deputy, and agreat human being caring a huge load in humility. To him, Everyone he met he considered a friend. He could have been a typical southern white of the 50s and 60s but chose to follow Jesus' teachings and treated everyone with love despite his battles with his personal demons.
We must all be like him treat others with respect and dignity . Thanks for the great coverage of a great event. It's time to teach and change the attitudes that have been forced upon us by power-hungryand greedy minority that seek to control by keeping us devided.

JoJo said...

50 years already. Wow. Great pics! It looks like it was well attended.

D. said...

I linked to this.

Love the pictures. Sometimes one needs not to be a total misanthrope.

Gorgeous Gregg said...

Steve, I couldn't agree more. We're born with a family if we're lucky, and we get the good and the bad of our surroundings. If we are extra fortunate we get to overcome any of the bad and accentuate the positive.

I was very pleased at the outcome and agree that kudos go to Traci Fant and her crew, which is substantial.

Great piece Daisy, and glad to see more up here!

Dan Ruck said...

Hey Daisy! You see the news today that BJU has decided they did nothing wrong? No one is to be censured; Berg's books and counseling to those sex offended to forgive your offenders and accept your guilt for causing it to happen will continue unchanged.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Yeah Dan, I did... I will be dealing with that here, hopefully before the week is out.

I was very nice while I believed they were contrite. But if they aren't? Gloves off.