Thursday, October 30, 2014

Election update: Ervin drops out, Haley defends confederate flag, the circus continues

Tom Ervin, Independent candidate for governor, has dropped out of the race and thrown his support to Democratic challenger Vincent Sheheen. I was genuinely surprised by this move, although some cynics believed this was the game plan from the beginning. Four million dollars of his own money, spent just to help Sheheen? I hardly think so, but then, stranger things have happened in South Carolina politics.

From Dennis at PoliticsUSA:
You all know the back story of the South Carolina governor’s race. The current governor, Nikki Haley, an American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) puppet, wants to continue the states abysmally low rankings in almost every social and practical category of meaning. As I’ve written many times before, in a highly competitive field, Haley is, based on these rankings alone, the nation’s most inept governor. But, in the Palmetto state all that’s required of a governor is hate.
Then there’s Haley’s arrogant disdain of human life in refusing to expand Medicaid to a certain group of low-wage earners. A move that is not only heartless, but will kill people. A Harvard study estimates as many as 1,300 annually in South Carolina alone. What kind of governor doesn’t care about killing people? We should throw her ‘hatred’ of environmental regulations into the mix. Regulations that minimize and control chemical releases that kill who knows how many of her fellow citizens.

This is not only a worthless, unfeeling governor; this is a worthless, unfeeling human being. And yet she commands comfortable double-digit leads in virtually every legitimate poll over her holdover opponent from her last gubernatorial run, State Senator, Vincent Sheheen.

Back to Ervinized and why that recent phenomenon is suddenly creating a modest opening for Sheheen in the governor’s race. Those who have followed this race are aware that there are five candidates. The two major parties, Independent Republican petition candidate, Tom Ervin and two political ciphers. The latter two are meaningless in terms of the outcome. Ervin is definitely meaningful, especially in light of recent developments. Tom Ervin is a 62-year-old former two-term state house member as a Democrat and a 14-year circuit court judge who currently practices law with his wife. He is philosophically still a moderate Democrat, though a few years ago, he declared himself a Republican to run for a couple of offices he craved. He lost both elections, but remained a Republican. Given that Haley won the Republican primary, Ervin was, by law, forced to run as an Independent in the general election.

He was a very effective candidate, giving both the major party candidates a dressing down on assorted issues. He was especially hard on Haley. His presence created vote switching that one would think would benefit Sheheen, the Democrat. As indicated earlier, while Ervin gained supporters, Sheheen lost them and Haley made a big move.

Now, all that could change. The ball, as they say, is squarely in Sheheen’s court. Ervin, who funded his own campaign to the tune of $4 million, suddenly dropped out of the race freeing roughly 8-10% of the total vote. I guess he felt he had made enough of an impression on the electorate and fully realized that, while certainly influential, he stood no chance of winning. One of his first post-dropout steps was to email an expression of strong support to Sheheen contributors under the Sheheen letterhead. The obvious question is, what difference will it make? Won’t Republican Ervin votes simply find a home in the Haley camp?

Maybe, but, as in TV reality shows, there’s a twist. Ervin has officially endorsed Sheheen. Some voters are now going to take a close look at why. In a local phone interview with reporter Jason Spencer, Ervin made the following statement, “It was a difficult decision, but I felt like it was time to put aside my personal ambition and try to do what’s best for our state.” Gee, what a novel approach to public service.

And Ervin has spelled out three reasons that it makes more sense to vote for the Democratic State Senator. According to the local press, those reasons are, ethics reform, domestic violence and economic development. He actually used the word “dishonest” in condemning Haley’s leadership on the issues.
Ouch! He actually called her DISHONEST?

Will any of this work? Haley is estimated to have a 10-point lead in the polls, or at least those are the figures I hear dutifully repeated everywhere, in most South Carolina media outlets. I heard it down at the coast, in Columbia, and here in the upstate. This is the OFFICIAL figure that the ruling class of SC has agreed upon.

Despite Sheheen's attack ads (which came FAR TOO LATE in the campaign to suit me and others in the opposition), it is a forgone conclusion that Sheheen will still lose, but probably by a lower margin than expected.

Unless, unless...

It would be great if we could get out the African-American vote for this election. In addition to her ongoing attempts to deny thousands of the state's black residents the right to vote, Haley has just defended the confederate battle flag. Is it possible that African-Americans will finally reach a boiling point? Or has all that creative gerrymandering in SC finally done its job and that simply can't happen now? (Note: This is the real reason Mark Sanford was handily elected in SC's District 1.)

And my God, Haley is utterly shameless in pandering to the white vote.

From Talking Points Memo:
South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley (R) said that voters should not be concerned that the statehouse flies a Confederate flag because she has gotten no complaints from the CEOs.

During the Tuesday night gubernatorial debate, Democratic candidate state Sen. Vincent Sheheen called for the state government to no longer display the Confederate flag, noting that many young people leave South Carolina "all too often."

Haley retorted by claiming that the Confederate flag has not kept companies from coming to the state.

"What I can tell you is over the last three and a half years, I spent a lot of my days on the phones with CEOs and recruiting jobs to this state. I can honestly say I have not had one conversation with a single CEO about the Confederate flag," she said.

She also said that she herself has helped combat the state's image problem.

"But we really kind of fixed all that when you elected the first Indian-American female governor," Haley said. "When we appointed the first African-American U.S. senator, that sent a huge message."

Libertarian candidate Steve French said that while he doesn't mind if individuals display the Confederate flag, he doesn't think businesses should be able to.

"So, if you want to paint your house in the Confederate flag, I am completely fine with that," he said.
She has totally forgotten that in 2001, on her voter registration, she claimed she was white. Oh wait, she wasn't running for office back then. Never mind. She's back to being an Indian-American now.

Outside of making her a laughingstock (which she never seems to mind), will the confederate flag comment hurt her chances?

At least she is honest that the continuing racist insult to black people doesn't concern her, only what the rich say and do.

Sums her up perfectly, doesn't it?


Stay tuned, sports fans.


D. said...

Oh, well, I didn't need that breakfast anyway...

JoJo said...

I absolutely hate the confederate flag and I always make a snap judgment about the person displaying it. Usually I'll sneer, 'what an ignorant racist redneck piece of shit'. I was going thru Russell's stuff when we moved in and found an unused con flag sticker of one with 'redneck' on it. I threw it out. No idea where he got it....I'm sure he forgot he had it.

Jim said...

On the other hand....

Congratulations, South Carolina!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Daisy:

Do you ever wonder if humanity will actually survive all of this? I can't help but wonder where this will all end.

Good people must go on and continue to take care of each other. That's all we have left, each other. We are so totally removed from those that govern us now that it is time to admit to ourselves that we truly live in two different worlds.

Our world is a place where work is required if you are to prosper, hard work. We are the backbone, the working class, middle America. You and I know that we truly ARE the best of America and the culture that produced our greatest Americans. We are your neighbors, friends, family, and tribe. We are Americans who have put color, class, religion, and sex aside and can look at each other as Americans FIRST.

We know how to be civil with each other and WE can continue to be civil. We know that we don't have to agree with you on religion or politics to consider you a decent person,and we won't press you to concede to us - just don't insist we do so for you...we offer equality, true equality as Americans.

Now you and I Daisy would agree that in OUR heart of hearts we want ALL people and beings all over the World to feel love, to have a home and a place - but we cannot deliver it - so now we must take care of those closest to us - and of ourselves. We must be self-sufficient and work hard in cooperation with the Earth and pray for those who disrespect Her.

God loves you Daisy Deadhead for all the things you do, especially the words that flow from thee to we!
Love, Peace, and Light,

Anonymous said...

wait, what????

aren't you part of that movement that claims there aren't enough womyn in power???

aren't you part of that movement that claims if there were more womyn in power there wouldn't be any war???

OMG--I used to think that when I was small child and my mommy hit me, it was because of the patriarchy, not because she was a bad womyn. But Iwas vewwy vewwy bahd boi.

No Hayley is okay, it's all teh patriarchy dahling...

Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon #1, you are sweet, and you must know how depressed the election made me. Thank you for your kind words.

Anon #2: aren't you part of that movement that claims there aren't enough womyn in power???

Feminist women, of course. Most Republican women are honorary men.

aren't you part of that movement that claims if there were more womyn in power there wouldn't be any war???

No. You must have me mixed up with someone else. Hillary is as war-happy as any other Secretary of State.

Thanks for playing.