Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Blood, Sweat and Tears

I recently realized I had never posted any songs by BS&T (as they used to be called, and everyone knew the acronym too). These are two songs you won't hear on the oldies radio stations.

I never noticed there are (gasp) VIOLINS in this song. Sung and co-written by Al Kooper, who would soon depart the band, I just adored this record and listened to it every single day when I was about 13 years old. Which is probably why I never noticed the violins. The melody is lovely!

I Can't Quit Her - Blood, Sweat and Tears

And this is the Blood, Sweat and Tears most of you will remember; BEAUTIFUL BIG BRASS NOISE, headed up by singer David Clayton-Thomas.

Go Down Gamblin - Blood, Sweat and Tears


JoJo said...

I really like some of their songs a lot. Although I only recently found out that the song 'I'm your vehicle' was done by the Ides of March. All these years I thought it was BS&T. Similar sounding lead singer, heavy on the horns, same time period too.

D. said...

Oh, does this take me back to my dj days (few as they were).

Gorgeous Gregg said...

I adore horns in rock music, and yes, even violins. :) Great tunage.

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