Wednesday, May 21, 2014

SC Comic Con!

Our very first SC Comic Con was last weekend at the TD Convention Center here in Greenville, SC. It was oodles of fun and surprisingly well-attended.

We've been waiting A LONG TIME for a Con of our own! (((happy dance)))

I apologize for not getting the photos up until now. I have plenty of excuses, but I'm sure you aren't that interested.

As always, you can click all photos to enlarge.


Below: Callie Cosplay; a guy with cool red contact lenses (as I've written here before, I really love those!)... and--? Does anybody know who she is playing? She stayed in character and didn't answer questions!


Below: Lost Skeleton of Cadavra movie poster ("The day the Earth was disemboweled in terror!") and C-3PO (are we supposed to spell it See-Threepio?) who followed me through one whole aisle.

The last photo, Lucid Ink comics. Thanks for the stickers!

EDIT 5/22/14: Eagle-eyed readers have corrected me, that is R2-D2 and not C-3PO. I can never remember robot names!

Editorial comment that threatens to turn into monster-sized digression but will not: I never edit (without notation, like now) and act like I never make mistakes, and lately, since the extended Tumblr follies, I am more dedicated to that policy than EVER BEFORE. So, I am carefully noting my mistake here. THANKS, D and Jojo! (PS Tumblr kids: consider abandoning your dishonest memory hole and becoming as honest as I am. Your karma will thank you.)


Below: Like me, you probably think of Muhammad Ali when you hear the phrase "black Superman"--but actually, the real one attended the Con. Other photos: fans buying comics, The Fried Pickle Noir guy... and ... Who you gonna call?


Below: I can't figure out if the first t-shirt is pro or anti-confederate? You can go crazy thinking about it. (I do want the second t-shirt, though!) And zombie cookies are what every conventioneer craves. The nice lady from the Sweet Sisters Baking Company apologized for not bringing enough samples of brains-cookies, shaped exactly like brains and made of red velvet cake.

I was pretty disappointed I arrived too late for the coveted, popular brains-cookies. :(


A Splendid Time was guaranteed for all!


D. said...

Nice pix! (Nobody's bothered to spell out C3PO since, oh, '78 or so, and anyway, that's R2-D2.)

JoJo said...

Yeah that's R2D2 in a new colour scheme. Looks like you had a great time! I have a few friends who attend these in their cities in the USA and Canada. They look like so much fun.

bryce said...

great pics, looks like Cap lost some wt since i last saw him. lol

Anonymous said...

The person in the picture with the triangle helmet and sword is from Silent Hill, Pyramid Head.