Thursday, February 27, 2014

Online provocateurs are the real thing

When I read Glenn Greenwald's latest leak of the Snowden files, titled How Covert Agents Infiltrate the Internet to Manipulate, Deceive, and Destroy Reputations--I found it some pretty sobering stuff. (all graphics here are from the article; you can click to enlarge.) Greenwald wrote:

One of the many pressing stories that remains to be told from the [NSA whistleblower Edward] Snowden archive is how western intelligence agencies are attempting to manipulate and control online discourse with extreme tactics of deception and reputation-destruction. It’s time to tell a chunk of that story, complete with the relevant documents.
And now it's time to tell another chunk of the story, focusing on my little corner of the net.

On the radio, I had been talking about online-provocateurs (and their carefully-targeted disruptions) only a few days prior to reading the Greenwald piece. I suddenly knew I had to write this. Typically, very few over on Tumblr seem to have read the leaked documents. On Social-Justice Tumblr, despite the okey-doke posturing, politics is basically secondary to self, self, self and the self's many facets of wonderfulness. (sigh)

I knew I might have to name names. And naming names has a tiresome and predictable outcome: The named-persons' friends stream forth to defend them and call me evil names. In this case, the provocateur is a successful and much-enjoyed troll, with literally thousands of followers. In December, after this individual "gave the order"--I was basically Tumblr-blacklisted ... which means it is highly unlikely that this person and their legions of fans will ever read this. Thus, I feel a certain freedom in that I don't have to please anyone and I have already been labeled an enemy (although I am not sure why--it was never fully explained to me). I might as well go ahead and speak my mind.

I am talking about THIS AWFUL PERSON (quoted therein), who shall henceforth be known as TAP for short. She is probably the most well-known leader of the trans women faction at Tumblr. In many ways, she directs the posse and calls the shots; if she was not in a leadership-position, I wouldn't take note of her zealousness in destroying others, she'd be just another meanie. But as a leader who draws a lot of attention, it is pertinent than she is divisive and gives advice to others, that they should be as divisive as she is. TAP is an entertaining writer, fairly outrageous and very good at reducing her detractors to tears; she excels at the personal insult, the creative cussing and take-downs. It is useless to attempt to argue "facts" with her. I know this, because she told me.

In the above link, TAP pointedly called herself an ex-troll, and yet, she is obviously trolling more than ever before. I wrote that piece in 2009, and it was only last year that I learned she was considered the biggest, nastiest and most vicious hell-raiser on Tumblr.

So what happened?

Check out the list of stuff I quoted from TAP in the link, the different types and techniques of trolls... and then check out THIS list:

It's the same, only not as colorful. Same. In fact, I am wondering if TAP is the one who wrote it. (Or maybe she just excelled at the correspondence course?) "Divorce behavior from outcome" = pretty much defines emotionally-manipulative trolling.

And here is where we cut to the chase:

We are not talking about a simple troll, folks. We are talking about someone who is masterful at driving people away from social justice movements; someone tremendously skilled in purposely painting social justice activists in the worst possible light. TAP is excellent in creating and exaggerating discord between two or more factions (as G Gordon Liddy said was necessary for the destabilization of a popular movement). In short, TAP may be a paid provocateur or federal agent. She might be working for the government, the NSA, The Dept of Homeland Security (etc etc) or she might be working for right-wing operations like Americans For Prosperity. She may be part of a "dirty tricks campaign" run by a particular sectarian group or politician. She may be getting nickel-and-dimed; regularly slipped some PayPal contributions in exchange for picking a fight with first this activist, then that one... and she may not know WHO she is actually working for.

Since TAP endlessly talks about being mentally ill and having been manipulated by opportunistic people in the past, it is also reasonable to assume this could still be happening. Certainly, she is far worse than she was in 2009, when I wrote that post.

Who is making her so much worse, and who benefits?

Ask yourself: who benefits?

We see that TAP's last attack was on Ellen Page, a likable and popular young actress who just came out as gay. TAP attacked her, claiming that she was transphobic (since all cis lesbians are transphobic). However, in her coming-out speech, Page pointedly mentioned trans actress Laverne Cox as an inspiration, so TAP's statement instantly blew up into a feud within the LGBT community on Tumblr, not surprisingly. TRANSLATION: A great public-relations moment for the movement, gets the immediate take-down from TAP.

This is a seasoned provocateur-move, and this is what made my antenna go up: Take the last morale-building WIN from a movement, and turn it into a morale-killing LOSS. TAP did this admirably. Although I do find it odd she is changing her name so many times; like a half-dozen times in the last few months. She changed her name again, right before this attack on Page.

And now, since the Greenwald leak, I have suddenly become aware of TAP's habits. Mostly, she tears feminists apart. She is devoted to keeping trans and cis women divided and spends hours and hours online exacerbating the divisions, keeping everybody angry and stirred-up. When things start to die down, she gets them stirred up again in short order, by making pronouncements like the one about Ellen Page. For instance, she tells all cis women that we are ugly, stupid and totally inferior to trans women. (She emphatically says "Ewwww!" about the bodies of cis women.) This kind of thing is calculated to get a response. And although she claims she has a job, she appears to spend ALL of her time insulting people on Tumblr. She deliberately tries to upset and hurt people and proudly succeeds. Usually, after one of her bloody verbal attacks, she invariably tries to milk pity, and suddenly reminds her readers that she is suicidal, mentally ill and popping pills. (Apparently, she doesn't realize that being a constantly-vicious, cruel person makes you feel bad about yourself. As you should, of course.) She then throws in some politically-correct stories, reblogs some crowd-pleasers. Next day, she is right back at it without missing a beat. Dedicated and determined. She is single-minded and relentless.

After all, she has a job to do.


To those of you who follow this person, stop. You are being used and exploited. She is spreading her poisonous hate to you, and you ingest it willingly.

But even more than garden-variety hate: you are being manipulated. It is doubtful she believes most of what she says. SHE IS TROLLING AS A COUNTER-REVOLUTIONARY, deliberately trying to bust up several movements at once. And she does it demolition style: accuse cis feminists of raping thousands of trans women (she has actually claimed that, for example) and then scream like a maniac when anyone asks for evidence of such a thing. There is no "evidence" that will satisfy a provocateur, there is only emotional manipulation and extremism. These are their DESIRED GOALS: to make you mistrust feminists and trans women, to make people more likely to avoid face-to-face collectives and/or group-activism, and in fact, likely to drive you away from all political involvement.

Or maybe more likely to come to the conclusion of the right wing: THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL CRAZY.

That is the real goal, since there is no olive branch offered, no dialogue, no efforts to come together or to understand each other. After all, that would STRENGTHEN our movements, not weaken them.

And that is not what she is being paid for.

When she stops this behavior, I will change my mind. Not before. Until she stops, she is dangerous. She is working for reactionaries and effectively doing the work of the right wing. I regard her as the online equivalent of a grenade.

And so should you.


Anonymous said...

what is "cis feminists"?

Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon, cis means not trans.

Some trans activists go further, and claim it means "genitalia lining up with gender"--but many genderqueer people dislike that definition.

Gorgeous Gregg said...

For decades we have been told we were "crazy conspiracy mongers" if we suggested that government and corporations snoop into everything at every moment everywhere they can. Now that they have access to our homes via our computers and cell phones...hell, maybe even our land lines...and thanks to Snowden we all know it....we don't seem quite so crazy any more.

The problem now is that so many seem to have accepted this and moved on, or are looking for technical solutions. "I'll fight spying my not being online" or "I'll encrypt everything" misses the point that we are supposed to be living in a society where the government, and I believe anyone, keeps their nose out of our business unless we do something to someone which brings scrutiny on us. In short, if I ain't messin' with anyone, there is no reason for anyone to mess with me.

Now we know that the government is accepting intelligence from other nations which they got in ways it would be illegal for the US to get, but so long as we don't ask for it, everything is cool. This is crap, and destroying our planet, for this thinking has infected every government and every corporation, or at least so many as to be all of them in actual effect.

If the FBI asked 1-800-flowers for a list of all their customers with Arab sounding names, do you think they would cough it up?

Just another TERF said...

daisy, stop arguing with those trans women (men) at tumblr. you call one of them fake, they are all fake. they aare a waste of time. why do you care about them?
otoh, u convinced me that genderbitch is a cop (or equivalent) in this post, so thanks for that. makes a lot of sense.

Anonymous said...

why do you even talk to them? i know, i know, politics, alliances, 'present a united front', blahblah, but i don't want them in any alliance with us. i want nothing to do with them. now u see why? most of them = effing crazy. and i mean crazy. the not crazy ones are quietly living lives as women and don't start fights every day since they have enough trouble. these crazy ones are the ones who can't do that. who can't pass. their lives constantly suck since they look and act like men and keep saying their women. it will go on like that for the rest of their lives. so cut them loose. they have nothing to teach us, nothing to learn from us, nothing to help us with, and they don't want us to help with their rights --including voting for anything pro-trans?-- so why bother with them? if they want us, they know where to find us.

"trans" once meant transitioning to the other gender. NOT acting exactly like the birth-sex you are and insisting "I'm a woman!" somewhere down the line that changed and now they are women even when they are waving their dick in your face, just like that boy in high school in the back row of the assembly always did.

trans = high school boys. You DID get that part right. they DID miss out on gangs and the fun boy-bonding, so they do it on tumblr to make up for that.

hope this teaches youa lesson. stay away from the flesh eating bacteria.


hope to see you this evening at the meeting. i enjoyed the convo last time even when we don't agree. :)

senchi said...

the tumblr pile on is really about *this* post, you know?

i hope you're aware of that. it isn't about saying "good luck" at all. that's just the pretense.
Genderbitch says frog, they jump. you attacked the queen bee, you pay.

sorry daisy.. but tbh i think you are pretty brave.

bryce said...

what senchi said. totally.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Oh wow you guys, you know it NEVER OCCURRED TO ME (god, I am dumb) that this was a coordinated counter-attack. OMG, you are so right. How did I not see it?

Thanks a lot. I get it now.

At least they aren't as crazy as I thought, thinking "good luck" is "abuse" and all that bullshit they are pretending they believe over there.

(((light bulb goes on))) thanks friends.

Skp, see you at 7pm! <3

Mama Moretti said...

just got done reading that clusterfuck on tumblr. stay strong, d. we love you and stay bodacious. this is a message of support.

also--sent u fb message abt something else entirely too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon, I took the link out of your comment, since "live" links can be followed here.

I don't want them using any more excuses to attack me.

I can hardly believe they think lil ole ME is important enough to spend a whole day on. I mean, Jared Leto won an Oscar last night for playing a trans woman, and they are busy yowling at me instead of talking about THAT.

But yes, of course you're right. In fact, they can apparently do anything (online at least) they want, with impunity. This is in large part because of the fear engendered by Genderbitch/hexgoddess, and her many henchwomen. They are terrified of her.


Daisy Deadhead said...

OOOPS forgot to repost Anon! Sorry about that!


Anonymous said...

I like nobody can "misgender" the trans faction, but they are allowed to "misgender" everyone else:

Anonymous said...

they are crazy as shit over there. damn, d, had no idea. i never go to tumblr.

paranoid psychos: wishing luck must be some evil mojo in disguise.

yeeech, glad i missed this gross corner of the net. and i thought reddit was bad.

Trans Avenger said...

Sorry for deletion --- typos typos typos. I get upset and then I type like shite.

Daisy, remember that book "Anonymous" byParmie Olsen? You mentioned reading it once -- not sure if here or in a comment?

Remember that informer who turned in everything to the FBI? Named Wes Bailey. S/he is now Laurelai Bailey aka Laurelai Summers. (warning: link is to Encyclopedia-Dramatica, which is purposely disgusting and offensive.) She is all over trans Tumblr and does a great deal of policing of comments.
This is a known agent snitch for the govt, and the trans Borg still suck up to her.

These stupid Tumblr 20-somethings seem to think Laurelai (and others like her) are on their side if they are trans. They don't know that Laurelai was on Lulzsec's side too, until suddenly she wasn't -- and decided to roll on them.

I assume she is doing what she was trained to do in the military and while gathering info on Lulzsec -- she's gathering intelligence on the radical trans community. Nobody informs just ONE TIME, it is a usually life-choice, since it can also be lucrative. This also explains why Laurelai never needs a job like normal people. She is also good friends with Genderbitch/Kinsey Hope and probably groomed her for the position.

I think you (and Glenn) are more right than you know.

I am getting really freaked out about all the snitches, cops and military vets flooding into the trans community now. I don't think it's any accident. It's just as we are starting to go international as a radical movement challenging the status quo. No coincidence at all. Their task will be to contain the radicalism OR turn the radicalism into an unworkable joke (which effectively neutralizes us).
That is *exactly* what Kinsey and Laurelai do.

We lived through Cointelpro, Daisy, we are battle-scarred veterans. I guess the kids need to learn the same lesson we did at their age -- but I hate that they are compromising the trans community to get their education. Too bad they were *not socialized* to listen to a woman trying to warn them; I notice they are as nasty to you as they probably are to their own mothers. They claim they *hate* cis people, but you can bet most are financially supported by their cis parents, since they are unemployable hysterics and spend their whole days on Tumblr. And they don't see any contradiction in *hating* cis people and living off of them. Just like that one says she is a *lesbian separatist* and has no clue that means she is only supposed to speak to other lesbians and never to some bisexual like you. lol. But I'll bet *she* makes an exception for mummy and daddy's money too.

BTW, Julia Penelope FTW. Didn't you meet her once back in the day?

Anyway tl;dr -- These idiots make me ashamed to be trans. At least I can pass, so no one needs to know I have anything in common with these half-baked freaks.

Daisy Deadhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daisy Deadhead said...

Hey TA, I've some very weird lurkers here today... I replied but deleted it.

Is your email the same as it was last summer? I'll answer you privately re Laurelai/GB.

Yes, I mentioned the "We Are Anonymous" book here in passing ... and I totally agree with you, of course; snitching isn't something someone does once and quits. It turns into a whole lifestyle, a whole raison d'être.

One ex-snitch (vice/drugs) in AA told me that it could be a magical thing. Among the cool people, doing expensive coke in the discos, he was cool. Among the "good" law abiding middle class folks at the church BBQ on Sunday, he was ALSO cool, since he was a cop. It's like having it both ways, being all things to everybody. It's a pretty common trait among addicts/alcoholics (wanting to be all things to everyone; known as "people pleasing") but most of us never have the opportunity to take it to that level. Philip K Dick's novel A SCANNER DARKLY is about a cop who loses his mind, his personality splits and so he begins to snitch on himself, as if he was a separate person. Always loved that book!

And yeah, I did meet JP back in the day. I guess you read what I wrote on the old Ms boards about her? They seemed to think she was some kind of saint. Z Budapest too. Ugh. All of em, on my last good nerve from day one, LOL.

Thanks so much for your comment!

LarryE said...

Daisy, I admire you for even trying to deal with this.

I admit to feeling too old to deal with the parsing of the parsing of the parsing of terminology, with all of it reminding me of the sectarian breakdown of the Left involving people who, for a simple example, really could and at length lecture you on the vital differences between the SLP and the SWP - or was it between the Judean People's Front and the People's Front of Judea?

Anonymous said...

daisy i think u had a wee part in inspiring this post

note laurelai is singled out as one of the antifeminists

Anonymous said...

You're right.

Anonymous said...

Daisy, Wes Bailey, Laurelai Bailey, Laurelai Summers is now BaileySummers. Everytime someone blogs its status as snitch, their name changes. Educational to obbserve what the snitch approves of/doesn't approve of. What the snitch likes must be what the FBI wants to encourage. Like anything driving a wedge between cis lesbians & trans lesbians gets enthusiastic apllause from snitch w/reblogging. That makes sence.

Thanks for info. I've been following this snitch scum since you wrote this & their focus is pretty obvious. I wish other trans women -- I'm one -- would steer clear of this trash.

Thanks again for this. Really.

diahann carroll's daughter said...

d, "zero" is organizing some kind of trans womyn convention in athens, where your husband went to school. ain't you still tight with widespread panic ppl there? maybe you should organize a picket, since their convention deliberately excludes cis women. (wait i forgot, they're allowed to exclude, but we aren't.) will bailey or gb be spying at the convention? i'm sure bailey will try to attend, but i think gb isn't even real. every thing they say, right into the fbi file. they wouldn't be dumb enough to allow a known fbi informant to attend something labeled "anti fascist" would they? cause if they be that stupid they deserve every thing they get.

outside of atlanta and suburbs, georgia isn't safe for lbgtqia ppl. not even athens. as a black dyke i wouldn't go there on a bet. unless i had businness there. clark and athens county have a lower percent of black ppl than other counties in georgia or sc. zero doesn't describe the convention as "anti racist" but anti a bunch of other shit. uh huh, we know what that means: all white thing for young hipsters. yeah, real revolutionary. with a fbi agent!


Daisy Deadhead said...

Larry, Anon x3 and DCD: thanks for your comments.

as a black dyke i wouldn't go there on a bet. unless i had businness there. clark and athens county have a lower percent of black ppl than other counties in georgia or sc.

As one of my friends always says, it isn't necessarily just Athens (or whatever off-the-beaten-track southern town a good distance from the interstate), but where you have go through to GET TO Athens, LOL. It isn't like you can just beam into Athens, you know?

You also reminded me of this comedian who says, "People forget; when you leave Atlanta, you in Georgia!" :)

Anonymous said...

check this one daisy from a clown act named "beefbludd" [another dick reference no doubt]

"i’m just a sweet ol’ gramma who likes classic rock! why won’t those hysterical trannies leave me alone??"

they can be agist & nobody calls them out. why not? "hysterical trannies" have tumblr under their large male thumbs

once i was sympathy to trans. not now. i said "when you were a boy" to a trans woman, meaning her child hood. i didn't mean anything by it. new to the net & new to tumblr. did that matter? no. they savaged me like a colony of army ants.

they convinced me of their manhood, not their womanhood.

let them keep on. everyone sees what they are. and it isn't anything female.

"beefbludd" doesn't bleed.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon, I hadn't seen that one, but not surprised. (sigh)

Ageism and classism seem pretty standard among the Tumblr Trans Borg, even though they claim all kinds of radical politics. They are pretty much all white, too, and as DCD said above, underscore their whiteness by planning a conference in the deep south where LGBT people have no rights, in a county local black folks tend to drive around (or just stay on I-85)... NOTHING they do or say seems to be political in the least, its all Narcissistic Personality Disorder writ large. It's actually fascinating; they claim to be anarchist, radical, anti-this and anti-that... but it makes absolutely no difference in their behavior. They have no political involvement in their communities, and they constantly choose to trash working class and poor people (less likely to know the lingo, as anon didn't) instead of the affluent and educated, who of course, know all the cool tumblr gender-lingo.

Then you realize: wait, THEY are the affluent. They are parasites being supported by their well-to-do parents, as TA said above.

Once I realized they were dilettantes, I figured it out: This is all just a game. In a few years, they will have some other identity, some other politics. We should probably just wait them out. Real life will wake them up soon enough, probably when their long-suffering cis-mommies finally make the spoiled basement-dwelling brats get real jobs. (They will drop dead from the shock of actually working for a living.)

OR until the snitch gets them all arrested for snorting crank at their convention.

BTW, meth, coke, as well as adderall, dexedrine, strattera (and similar stimulant drugs for ADD) -- all of them can cause this kind of crazy, ratcheted-up behavior. I guess we'll find out which drugs they are on after they get busted. And I guess we will also be finding out their legal names, as an added bonus.

Go Laurelai Go! LOL

Anonymous said...

I know right? they post all day &all night.

i come home from 3rd shift & they be fuckin posting crazee trannie bs all night long.

some don't even sleep so you might be right about the adderall.

i think tumblr is their whole life. no job or other friends. "groupthink" is result.

biker gang = good description.

i'm sure nobody can stand them in meatspace so what choice do they have?

i'd feel sorry for them if they weren't such bullies.

but i'm with you. let their homegrown snitch take care of them.

bryce said...

did u see this one?

u really got to them didn't u?

Daisy Deadhead said...

Bryce, that's from Zero (perfect name) --the "conference organizer"--see comments above.

She is terrified for anyone she doesn't like to read her public Tumblr blog. "violating her boundaries" = reading her public blog.

Question: why doesn't she go to Blogger, livejournal or wordpress where you can take blogs private, by password only?

Answer: all her little make-believe friends are on Tumblr, and she would never see any of them again. She would lose her place in the Trans Borg hierarchy, which is headquartered at Tumblr. If she switches to wordpress, they will instantly ignore her, since they never leave the safety of Tumblr. (They aren't just internet friends, but Tumblr friends only.) She will disappear, poof. It will be as if she never existed. (And if I'm wrong, Zero, show me.)

So: Zero refuses to leave Tumblr for a safe blog that can be taken private, but will not take any responsibility for this choice. It is instead the fault of others who read her public blog. Everyone is to blame for Zero's shitty choices but Zero. Of course. Poor thing.

Zero can enforce these "boundaries" right now if she wants to. She can enforce them any time she wants by making it impossible for anyone else to read her blog, just take it to another platform that allows privacy. But. She. Can't. Her whole life is Tumblr, she is FORCED to go there, since she doesn't work or (apparently) have any other life.

Zero honey, your fucked up life is not my fault, okay? Please stop blaming everyone else for your problems. GET SOBER and get a clue.

COMEDY NOTE: THIS is the individual who will be organizing the national trans woman conference mentioned repeatedly in this thread. THIS person is freaked out by people reading their blog (!) and soon, they are going to have surveillance up the ass... and they are complaining about someone reading their blog. LMAO.

They have no idea what's coming, do they?

Apparently not.

(((pops popcorn, puts feet up)))

My God, this is going to be some first class entertainment.

bryce said...

yr mean, d. lol

Mama Moretti said...

send us the link Daisy & we can post it on our email list. I say we violate Miss Organizer's boundaries BIG TIME.

Daisy Deadhead said...

MM -- enjoy! This magic link gets you a line-by-line account of Zero's boring but (for some unaccountable reason) agitated as hell life. (sounds like addiction to me) Every single fart, every inconsequential thought, every meal, and every itty-bitty narcissistic nuance of their life in excruciating detail. (of course I get mentioned, there ain't much else going on in their life... and its ALL Tumblr-related.)

Zero's name is currently "BaeddelAmbit"--the Borg collectively change their names frequently, whenever the Trans Borg gives the order. (In fact, that is how you know who is IN the Borg; the "Baeddel" designation has marked many of them quite easily.) However, unbeknownst to them, one of their Trans Borgians is actually a stealth radical feminist, so their new names are leaked usually within the hour. (That's how I learned that Taleth and Yeastbaeddel are still living 24/7 as men.) This feminist also leaks other information, but that was the only time they contacted me directly (to tell me about Yeastie).

No job, so I *do* wonder what Zero lives on. Who pays for her internet connection and that expensive, butch black leather jacket those poor cows died for? The biker boots? That shit ain't cheap.

Maybe she intends to make money off the convention? LOL

Mama Moretti said...

perdition eh? At least she admits she's going to hell and it won't be too much of a shock when she gets there.

Anonymous said...

d, kept my eyes open. laurelai & gender bitch = best buds. pretty scary. fuck me i even dreamed about this. im trans & never liked either one of them. something 'off' about them. laurelai spends hours "policing comments" like avenger said. {why?} gb just starts fights & trouble.

these 'trans women' literally doing daily surveillance on tumblr radfems & they have found perfect cover to do this. they use 'trans' as their excuse to spy.
'convention' wont happen or get fu'd. the baeddells cant organize a tupper ware party.
but claiming 2b organizing a conference is a great way to collect info. if it cancels out at last min - will be because they met info-gathering goal. 'convention' is info gathering operation & no way laurelai's buds getting any fucking info of mine.

not even my library card, dude. not even that.

Mama Moretti said...

I think you can sue Lisa Harney for calling you a TERF if you aren't. Too bad it hides under rocks like a snake and can't even put a real photo on Facebook.

"Lisa questions"? She goes along with the Borg like the rest of the androids. What does she question?

Wasn't she "Nikkiru" on the Ms Boards?

Daisy Deadhead said...

Ohhhhh MM. (sigh)

Lisa: Yes, the revisionism is strong with this one. I was on an email list with her for a long time. She was instrumental in getting me thrown off because I said (accurately) that this person at Dragon*Con was cross-dressing, but not trans. The trans women on the list got furious because I said that (??) and demanded to know how I knew that. I said, well, he was named ___ (man's name), was hanging out with his buds and laughing, deep voice, said he was a man to everyone who took his photo. Duh, it ain't rocket science.

What I was trying to say about the costumes (this one, too, the "Elvis" was a woman, again, I didn't "read" her, she told us her name) ... was that I had never seen men playing women superheroes before, as women often play men. I considered that a good, feminist thing and said so (which is what started the whole brawl). The trans women on this list went bloody ballistic over something as simple as that, the posse mostly lead by Lisa and a couple of others I won't name. I am sure some of the women on that old email list are the same ones I am dealing with now. (I ALWAYS keep the same online name, while the mean, chickenshit cowards change theirs constantly out of fear and an inability to stand by their own words.) I was very apologetic about this, since I really didn't understand (still don't) what I did wrong. But like a good radical, I assumed it MUST be my fault. Now that I see how the Borg behaves when they have emassed a gang, I see that I was not wrong, they were MEAN and VICIOUS to someone who was supposedly a friend. I was deeply wounded by this incident, and Lisa knows this... she is the one who orchestrated it. I wrote THIS POST about that. As you can see, Lisa Harney (now "Lisa questions" she seems to have stolen "Lisa Harney" from a lady movie director) was an enthusiastic participant in the thread.

Aside: Notice in that thread, how a trans woman repeatedly tried to get me to delete what a TERF said? Not the other way around! I should have seen that for what it was, that the Trans Borg (and who knew they would morph into a Borg?) would get increasingly censorious and fascistic. That was only the beginning.

Anyway, for one who thinks I'm a TERF, Lisa has never stopped reading my blog in 7 years now. I have two IPs clocked from her so far: and (so probably a rolling IP thing, which I don't understand too well) I still get regular hits from her. She comes over to my blog from Joan Kelly's. And Joan is a MAJOR TERF. Why is she so obsessed with a TERF who hasn't posted since last year? (Seeeeeeeee what I mean? You want creeps? Harney is a big-ass creep.)

2b continued

Daisy Deadhead said...

Answer to MM continued

You know, its notable that on that email list I mentioned? All the other trans women shared their photos, but Lisa never did. She never does on Tumblr either. Nobody has met her in person, that I know of. I think she is probably a chaser posing as a trans woman. (I assume s/he gets off on the details, which is why she was on that email list.) Three other people on the list thought she was a chaser, including one trans woman with some experience in that realm. Lisa never contributed anything about her own life at all, it was all parasitical, unless she was going after somebody. I have no idea what field she works in, for instance. I know nothing about her, except that she started claiming the usual "disabilities" (ADHD and so on) that they all suddenly started claiming simultaneously in 2009-10. In fact, virtually every member of the Trans Borg proudly claims either ADHD, autism or some other diseased mental state. That is 1) statistically impossible or 2) begs the question whether they are truly trans or suffering from mentality debility and trans is simply one of the many ways it has manifested.

If Lisa hadn't repeatedly hit my blog and left messages, I wouldn't even know she lives in the Seattle area.

Yes, she was Nikkiru.

Sue her? Did she insult me, or just describe the logical results of Trans Borg harassment, LOL. Pretty soon, the way they are going, won't be any non-TERF feminists left. I notice extremely few cis people now post on their threads, they have driven most of the well-meaning allies away, exactly as their handlers (and the chaser-busybodies) have counseled them to do. Just like old-left communists, they will run everyone off and then claim they are isolated and vulnerable when they get rounded up. Yes, you are isolated, and soon you will be little greasy spot. Leftists went into coalition work FOR A REASON, you dolts. Its much safer that way. There is a reason lifetime separatists are mostly legend: they don't last very long, stupid.

Oh well, just put your feet up and enjoy the show. I gave them my best heads-up, but of course, a bunch of 20-somethings know far more about radicalism and organizing than *I* do. (giggle) And will they go to male jails or female jails? If arrested in Georgia during their little soiree, they will go to jail with Inmate Bubba, who I imagine will be really glad to see them. (In fact, this may be a SPECIAL GIFT to Inmate Bubba for running his section of the prison... especially a pretty one.) Bubba don't get out much and he needs a girlfriend like everyone else. Just like Inmate Bubba gets drugs from the drug bust-property room, he also gets his girlfriends from prostitution arrests of trans women.

Really, yall... I'd think about having that party in another place, if I were you.

But then, what fun would THAT be? ;)

Anonymous said...

they're still talking about you over there, d. jealous. i been on tumblr 2 yrs and totes ignored.


Anonymous said...

laurelai snitch changed its name again to 'daughterofprometheus'

isn't this like 6 changes in 2 months or something?

sounds like its afraid to be identified, for some reason


Daisy Deadhead said...

Here is their newest assault. Came out of left field too. They included my photo this time, with directions that I "need to be cut up"...

Comedy aside: this comes from the same person who repeatedly told me to "leave trans women alone forever"... although apparently, as you can see, they didn't intend to leave ME alone.
I keep forgetting that they were socialized with different rules for engagement. They can harass me/blog about me with impunity, and its just standard operating procedure, but -I- am NOT supposed to even /look/ at their precious sacred blogs or talk back to them in any way. Translation: they are my superiors, and they expect me to obey their orders, while (like most people with rank) they continue to do whatever they please.

Aside: Damn, I sure do wish I was raised that way! (Think of all the guilt you'd be free of!) No wonder they don't realize how crazy and murderous they sound; that's the way all the boys they knew as children sounded--so what's the PROBLEM?!? (And we aren't supposed to say anything about that either: that they remind of us our ill-behaved, bossy little brothers; indulged, spoiled and allowed to yell at the dinner table while us girls had to be polite and say please and thank you.)

I don't know how far away the sociopath is (which one?--you ask. I refer to "spacedyke"--the one in the thread who wants to cut me up.)... but I figure I should start carrying a firearm in case. Unlike the Tumblr-trans women faction (half of whom are probably fakes anyway), I am very easy to find. I don't hide. My daily and weekly events are all listed on Facebook, forgodsake.

And I have never forgotten the fact that leftist radio host Alan Berg was shot dead in his driveway by white supremacists. I remembered that all through the extended Bob Jones University-fundie-follies of 2013... when they followed me all the way to Laurens County and back.

The tumblr trans women faction is entirely composed of safely (cowardly) anonymous posters (of course), and I am certainly NOT anonymous. I have used my radio name on ALL my social media accounts; I do not change my name every five seconds (as they do), too chickenshit to stand by my own words (as they are). I am as easy to locate as Alan Berg was, since they could follow me to and from broadcast, as the BJU-fundies did. So, I am taking this threat seriously, since Alan Berg didn't take HIS threats seriously, and he is no longer with us. I always take that to heart and remember. Alan Berg died for our sins, Mr and Ms Lefty Talk Radio Hosts!

So, I took Mr Smith and Mrs Wesson, that kindly old couple, out of mothballs. You're up, old friends! Make me proud. Make my day.

Bring it. Ain't skeered.


Since Athens is so close, I guess I should be worried if they go to their convention, get all cranked up on estrogen and meth and then drive an hour here to where I am. I would simply advise them that there IS (as I have reported at length) a Stand Your Ground law in this state, which has ruled in favor of defendants repeatedly. I know the law word for word. Hope you do too. Be advised.

PS: Have a great convention, and give my regards to Daughter of Prometheus, or whatever the snitch is calling itself now.

Trans Avenger said...

Whoa, Daisy.

I'd be concerned about them reprinting and circulating the photo, which takes it to another level. They are becoming obsessed with you and project that obsession onto you and then claim you are the stalker,as men habitually learn to do to women). It's their usual modus operandi on tumblr.

It's a good sign that there are only 6 notes on the post. This also tells you which ones are the most prone to violence, like Yeastie Boy.

Baeddel-lez is the one with XX on her blog header, right? A trans woman lying about her chromosomes? (Why even say you are trans, in that case?) That takes some balls, which I am sure she still has. I find that I can usually figure out which ones have had orchi, which have had penectomy, just from the amount of male entitlement they display. Her voice is major basso profundo, so she is another of these non-transitioned trans women who insists they are a woman but can't really pull it off & gets treated like a man IRL and is furious about it and acts out. I'm sure the XX chromosome blog header would make the people who know BL in real life, laugh their asses off.

So embarrassing.

Someone is trying hard to doxx Yeastie Boy, so don't take such long internet breaks the next time, you might miss it. ;)

Lena Bullens said...

Fantasizing about a woman getting raped in prison is really disgusting.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Fantasizing? This is a fact, not fiction. Do you think trans women are not raped in prison? I was offering the facts, which Zero/BaeddelAmbit seems to be gliding over: in Georgia, trans women who go to jail will go to jail with men. This does not seem to bother Zero and seems to be a remote possibility to her... why? Certainly, anyone who calls themselves anti-fascist nor anti-imperialist, has just painted an anti-state target on their back. Why is she so certain that jail is nothing to worry about? Well, maybe for her it isn't, hm? I mean, all radicals I know worry about it all the time and have all kinds of contingency plans set up in the event of it happening. And yall think I am out of line for mentioning it?

How many conferences have you organized? At least a half-dozen, yes? Did you EVER have a radical conference in which someone WAS NOT busted, even if just held overnight? That's not a big thing for most radicals, but couldn't that be pretty traumatic for trans women? Why is this fact being ignored by the conference organizers? Radicals have been busted for: jaywalking, busted/burnt out tail lights, having the wrong registration sticker on their car, "disorderly conduct" (i.e. being loud or black in the wrong place), "looking like" somebody there is a warrant out for (i.e. "matching the description" blahblah) and on and on and on. They do this on purpose, to harass, because you have identified yourself (when you say "anti-fascist") as being anti-THEM and they take it fucking personally.

I repeat, this ALWAYS happens. Somebody is busted for some bullshit. Remember, even Jane freaking Fonda was arrested for loose vitamins at the bottom of her purse, which the cops said "looked like drugs" (they were vitamins). THEY KNEW WHO SHE WAS and they didn't like her ass, and even being a Hollywood star didn't save her from a night in the Cleveland hoosegow.

This is HOW IT IS. And I am "fantasizing" by bringing it up? I AM WARNING YOU.

And what I said about Bubba is TRUE. That is indeed where he gets his girlfriends and his drugs. Do you not understand how prisons work? You HAVE done prison work, right? When is the last time you went to a federal or state prison (either gender) to do any radical work?

This is HOW IT IS. And I am "fantasizing" by bringing it up?

You know what's disgusting? A bunch of neophyte-dilettantes trying to act all politically-knowledgeable, when its obvious they can't find their asses with both hands... and their arrogance and stupidity will end up getting a bunch of trusting-people LOCKED UP WITH BUBBA.

Apparently, it won't happen to Zero... she seems pretty sure she won't get arrested herself. You might ask her why she is so certain about that.

2b continued

Daisy Deadhead said...

Reply to "Lena" continued

Laurelai and her brethren keep tabs on everything ALL OF US say. They know about your conference, so surveillance is a given. A GIVEN. Now, are you going to do the reasonable thing and consider moving it to a state where trans people have rights and will be safe (i.e. won't go to jail with Bubba) if they are busted? If not, you are asking for trouble and you will get it. I outline some of the probable trouble, and you all SQUEEEEEEEEAL that I am "fantasizing"--and I assure you, the ruthlessness of law enforcement, their eagerness to put local radicals in their place, is NO fantasy, as any long-time radical can tell you.

I think its pretty disgusting to plan conferences in unsafe locations with no bail money (or contingency plans) in place, in case something happens. And something will.

But hey, yall know far more about all this than I do. This is all just fantasy, right? I guess Zero is tight enough with law enforcement that she has it covered. Okay, my bad. Carry on, Baeddels. And PS: What I said would be "entertaining" is your amazing arrogance and hubris. But hey, no male socialization or anything, right? ;)

And Lena... ONE FOLLOWER? You made a Google plus profile just to troll my blog? Damn, I am flattered.

#Its raining baeddels

Daisy Deadhead said...


And then, needless to say, the chickenshits took it down:

So proud I have never deleted a single post in 7 years of blogging. NOT. ONE. EVER. These silly teenyboppers delete probably half of what they say, maybe even more. How sad to have no confidence in your own words.

Then again, those words probably ain't worth much, and on some level, they must be aware of that.

Mama Moretti said...

I am sending you a starbucks gift cert on FB for being the most bad ass bitch I know.

Includes the mafia sister in law! lol


Anonymous said...

Wasn't baeddel lez the one you said was following you on tumblr for 6 months, "just to keep an eye on you"? Stealing photos of you now?

Uh oh Daisy, I think somebody likes you like that.

Either a crush or a stalker--doesn't know if he wants to kill you or be you.

These poor sick souls are so confused.

Bess is a Mess said...

d, did yousee toni dorsay's long defense of trans ppl's military service?

*not one word* from the so-called anti-fascist and anti-imperialist baeddels challenging her post. not one.

(some allies of anti-imperialism you turn out to be, girls.)

i've seen baeddel ambit attack someone who followed them as a "murderer" for being active military but sure doesn't argue back with "empress dorsay" - lmao.

laurelai was active military for 10 yrs & they allow her to participate in their reindeer games. i guess it depends on your reputation, if you're allowed in, how important you are - does that make you think of MEN or what?

btw, laurelai impresses them *because* of being an FBI informant! don't you GET IT daisy? You said it yourself in this thread: being fbi informer is *cool* to a bunch of drama addicted suburban 20-somethings. they can't see *the big picture* or how assoc with these multiple laurelai characters impacts their future.

to them, all 'net hijinks' as my old prof at Wooster used to say...

tl ; dr anti-fascist? in their fucking dreams

***saw excellent NSA doc last nights "frontline" - due to yr tweet - ty.

Daisy Deadhead said...

I didn't see that, but thanks for telling me. Went back to read it--very interesting.

Toni intimidates them because she isn't bullshitting; she uses her real name online and actually does real political work in her community. By contrast, the Baeddel Borg are mostly fakes and scared to leave mommy's basement (or even let cis women read their blog!), much less actually work in their communities.
I think the Baeddels probably experience Toni's authenticity as a reproach and find her openness threatening.

In short, they WILL NOT confront her. She would eat them alive, wouldn't be nothin left but bones. LOL

The Baeddel "anti-fascist" label is like some cool brand name, might as well say coke, pepsi, nike, starbucks, etc. They think if they adopt this label, it makes it magically true ... and here you are, actually expecting them to DO SOMETHING anti-fascist???? No, its just AN IDENTITY that sounds hip and cool and serious. The adoption of this label/identity will make NO difference at all in their lives or in the lives of others. NOTHING AT ALL will come out of their "anti-fascist" identity, which is how you know they are full of shit.

And yes, you proved it. Or maybe they have a policy of only arguing with AFABs? They think those born with penises (AMABs) are superior and that's why the only genderqueer people allowed at their conference are AMABs. They say AFABs are not oppressed, but AMABs are. (Really, they do say that. It's a big article of faith with them, too.)

So that might also be why they give Toni's military-apologetics a pass.

And hey Bess, we ain't talked since the Feministe Follies of last year... good to see you again my friend.

Anonymous said...


on tumblr you asked beefbludd for thier name, when it taunted you. i decided to see what i could find.

Beefbludd is Casey Geyer - says so on thier twitter. it's zero ambit's "girlfriend" (boyfriend)

beefbludd likes it in jail, so that's probably the reason for the flip attitude about arrest.

Gender says M:

you sure bubba isn't the one who should worry? ;) it looks psycho as hell.

it also went to Georgia Gwinnett and was elite/important enough to give keynote addresses at conferences. this miniscule amount of political involvement mixed with its ginormous male ego is probably why it thought it could organize a tranny conference with zero.

and check this: it does, it really does.

here beefbludd calls itself "strapping lad" (frequently uses this name) and lists gender as male:

Casey Evan Geyer

"strapping"? they just can't stop talking up violence, can they?

has it never occurred to you that they *belong* with bubba?

Daisy Deadhead said...

Wow Anon... ask and ye shall receive. :) Thank you for paying attention--"taunting" is a good description.

So ... someone who was only recently calling themselves male and tweeting admiringly about famous men, suddenly knows all about womanhood and transmisogyny and now claims to hate men. Talk about drinking the Kool Aid. He proudly listed gender as male only a short time ago? As I said, this is all a kiddie-game and it will (hopefully) pass, when these terminal-trendies move on to some other fad.

Yes, the stagger does permeate. Then and now.

And those mug shots are terrifying alright. I am going to start assigning Manson Family names to the Baeddel Family, and Beefbludd is most assuredly Susan Atkins. (((screams)))

Spacedyke, the one threatening to "cut me up"-- already got named in THIS REPLY POST of mine: Leslie Van Houten, who was handy with a knife.

Baeddel/Zero Ambit: Squeaky Fromme (she would definitely be the one to try and shoot a president; not playing with a full deck)

Ocassis/Baeddel-Lez: Patricia Krenwinkle

YeastBaeddel: Sandra Collins Good

I guess this makes Laurelai -- Linda Kasabian! hahaha, I crack me up.

Anonymous said...

Geyer was a homeschooled ex-fundy. they practically created a fuckup in a petri dish.

Geyer, 20, identifies as a gender queer trans woman. She was born in Raleigh, N.C., but her family moved to Gwinnett County 17 years ago. Raised in an evangelical home and also home-schooled, Geyer said she was not even sure what “queer” meant until she enrolled at Georgia Gwinnett College, a four-year college founded in 2006 in Lawrenceville.

Geyer’s identity is an “ongoing process,” she said. But it was in college that Geyer began finding herself attracted to trans-oriented groups and people. One year ago she began identifying as a trans woman.

“This was a build up of years and years of, ‘Should I be in this group or not,’” Geyer said.

Home-schooling from preschool through high school meant Geyer was at home most of the time and, unlike Kontopidis and Haggray, did not struggle with bullies.

“I existed pretty independently,” she said. “In some ways that’s kind of strange, but in some ways I dodged a bullet.”


it was so stupid from homeschooling that it didn't even know what queer meant? you probably shouldn't expect it to know radical history and who the yippies were.
baeddells: feminists who don't know feminist history, anarchists who don't know anarchist history, radicals who don't know radical history, lesbian separatists who don't know lesbian separatist history. continue to infinity.

now that you know it's name, hope we'll see some of that legendary Dreaded Yippie Curse I always heard tell of.

Trans Avenger said...

Daisy, so this Casey is the co-organizer of the conference, and was just in jail less than six months ago?

*alarm bells*

Did she make a deal or what?

You'd think someone who had been in jail twice while identifying as a trans woman, would understand what you are saying about the possilibilty of going to a male jail in Georgia. Instead they are like, "Shhh! don't tell anyone!"

There is something really OFF about their behavior.

bryce said...

sounds like u need weed, d.

i make emerg house calls.

Daisy Deadhead said...

BaeddelAmbit, the original organizer of the TWIST conference( is now claiming that beefbludd/Casey Geyer/Eve/Baeddelbludd/barfblood
has raped her:

I did a screen-shot of that post, since it seems a given that her blog will eventually disappear (she has not updated in several days, which is like light years in Baeddel time.)

So, this is what happens, they devour each other.

None of the Baeddel faction is talking about this out loud, only the victim is... they are instead rewarding the aggressor with their attention and support. (Just as they were socialized to do.)

BaeddelAmbit made a joke on their blog, after I wrote (here on this thread) that Casey looked "absolutely terrifying"--making fun of me for saying that. I guess she isn't laughing so hard now.

You kids need to learn to listen to grandma. The viciousness is obvious in Casey's eyes--how could you miss it? And anybody who was *ever* "strapping lad"??? Why would you trust them to respect boundaries?

But hey, you kids know far more than I do. Enjoy the conference... which BaeddelAmbit claims was "hijacked"--by whom? Casey and Co? Very interesting. And who is footing the bill?

Just one question: Will Laurelai be there?

Anonymous said...

d, baeddelbludd or beefbludd or whatever it is = now
sounds like they changed their name to brag about being a rapist.
i really respect what u did on tumblr. u got balls of steel.

Daisy Deadhead said...

The person who is the subject of this post has changed their name yet again.

The list of names (that we know of): Kinsey Hope, KH1000, Genderbitch, Baeddelbitch, Hexgoddess and now Punwitch.

This thread will be used to update all further developments in this community.

Anon, I knew they'd come after me, but I wasn't expecting the "slut shaming" angle. I mean, they claim to be feminists, and then they engage in that? Rather base... and... well, just so brazenly masculine.

I expect malcontent frat boys or right-wing military men to go that route.

Maybe that's what they really are?

Daisy Deadhead said...

Update: Although I have been ordered to "stay away from trans women" and have even been called a sexual predator (!) by this person, as you can see HERE
--Lisaquestions/Lisa Harney is still visiting my blog regularly, as I accurately stated above in this comment. Check the IP address. Same as it ever was.

You want predators/stalkers/creeps? "Lisa" has been continuously stalking my blog for 7 solid years and then has the nerve to call ME a predator.

I certainly don't read "Lisa"'s blog; not worth reading. Unfortunately, "she" will not return the favor.

I think they call that projection.

Anonymous said...

d, did u get my email about twist? i didnt want to print it here.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon #1 - yes, I replied, but haven't heard back from you?

Anon #2, I deleted your comment for the time being. Just one question, and I would like you to answer this publicly right here: why will you not post this on your own blog? You have one. Why the cloak and dagger routine? Why are you afraid to criticize them with your name attached to it?

I take considerable risk in signing my name to my opinions and I am greatly annoyed by all the cowards who want to engage in GOSSIP instead of actual, authentic, honest-to-god comprehensive political criticism--gossip is secret, but political criticisms (as you have made), should be made publicly.

Why won't you?

Damn chickenshits.

Look, lets not pretend you are anti-imperialist or anti-this or anti-that, if you can't even take on the people who ostensibly AGREE with you. You are terrified of rejection from peers, and you think you can 'make revolution'? Very funny. (Are you TRYING to do comedy or is it unintentional?)

I think your criticisms are valid, but they mean nothing without your name attached. Why don't you post them on your own blog? Anon #1 explained the reasons for her anonymity in depth, but you just expect me to print your comment automatically and accept your assertions about the TWIST conference at face value. Why should I? How do I know what you have said is true? Got any photos or anything? (Anon #1 did)

Print it on your own blog, or comment here explaining why you can't do that. If you are sleeping with one of these people/related to them/one of their co-workers, etc etc, well, I can understand that. Anon #1 has this kind of excuse. And what is your excuse?

Please explain publicly why you can't post this comment on your own blog.

I notice you sure like to pick fights with the so-called TERFs and whoever else doesn't agree with you... yet you are afraid to alienate the sacred Baeddels?

Aside to those following along at home: It says a lot about the Baeddel-bully-factor, doesn't it?

Speak up, name attached, or go home.

But thanks so much for all the insider info.

Anonymous said...

money quote:

"We always talked a damn good game and were good at dealing with peripheral members and outsiders, but when it came to a true internal event y’all replicated abuse culture and rape culture like nobody’s business."

so true.

thanks for listening, d. i appreciated our dialog. namaste.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon, me too. Thanks again!

That was a pretty intense post. (from zeroambit) Unfortunately, they don't see that the cruel, verbally-vicious, hypercritical environment they participated in, meant that eventually they would turn on each other. It was the same for the email list I was on. I understand the need to belong, but its so bad when it means bashing others to make it happen. It means that they will always require an "other" to turn on and rally against, to remain solidified and define the group. (And if it turns out to be one of their own? Oh well, so be it.)

The viciousness never stays in one place for long, it has a life of its own. I found out the hard way, and I hope zero has too. (And yes, of course I believe her, always have.)
As I said, I saw what Geyer was immediately.

And another thing: Watch out for the ex-fundies; they have been warned about the devil so much that they eventually turn evil into good, in a defiant way. (Bad must be good; Good must be bad; "everything you know is wrong" ad nauseam) They openly court the devil until finally, he comes knocking at the door.

By that time, they don't even recognize him.

I blame the fundies for what Geyer is, as much as I blame the tumblr trans faction for indulging the psychosis.

Anonymous said...

daisy - punwitch is now "punlich" so he can use blowjob references in his name.

the more they "transition" the more they talk abt having dicks. why?

ru really going to sue gb & lq when they are doxxed & u know legal names? on fb u sounded serious.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Anon, yes, I will be suing both of them when I find out their real names.

My lawyer (I have media insurance from the radio show, which comes with a handy-dandy free lawyer) says that I can sue them for claiming on their blogs that I "sexually harassed disabled women"--which took me some time to figure out. (?) Huh? I did?

Then I realized THEY REFER TO THEMSELVES! (!!!)

Thus, in court, they will be required to prove 1) sexual harassment (which I have never done, needless to say... these two troublemaking misfit freak nightmares are not sexually desirable to ANYONE IN THE WORLD, least of all me), 2) that they are disabled (and since they both pulled magic mental-health diagnoses out of their asses when autism became all tumblr-trendy, that should be lotsa fun) and finally 3) that they are women.
Legally women, not just in their heads. Since neither is... well, it looks like if I can just be patient and wait until they screw up and tell us who they are (which they will; like most people deeply and proudly socialized male, they are unable to shut up and/or just disappear... the EGOS on the these two are bigger than Madagascar) then they will be supporting several of us for the rest of their lives. Legal indentured servitude! Can't wait.

For this reason, we should KEEP THEM CHATTERING endlessly.. we have people TAKING SHIFTS reading their shit, at this point. One of the shift-takers has concluded Genderbitch lives in Illinois and still has a big fat M on "her" drivers license, which should be enough for me to win the lawsuit.

We are looking at a class action suit against both Lisaquestions and Genderbitch/punlich, for telling lies. We have an impressive list of false claims they have made, and the list gets bigger all the time. Some of the threats GB makes that end up on the "violent receipts" tumblr (where they can't be erased), are also illegal, and at least 5 of these threats are worthy of litigation. If "punlich"/Genderbitch (whatever its calling itself now) really IS a cop or informer, of course, we won't be able to do that. But she loudly insists she is NOT, so it sounds like she is fair game.

I guess we will be finding out. :)

My lawyer thinks its time to make case law re: internet slander/libel. I dunno what that entails, but he is working with someone from an org that shall remain nameless for now.

I have all I need to go after them personally, but doing it as a group will be cheaper for us and virtually guarantees we will win.

Can't wait for GB and Lisa to pay my bills. :)

PS: And if they have lied about you (And calling you a TERF, if you aren't, is also a lie, as stated above) -- contact me and I will put you in touch with the legal beagles who are going to make examples of these fakers. All we have to do is wait.

Keep slinking around and changing that name, GB... you can run but you can't hide.

And Lisa, go to the doctor (a real one) and get a real diagnosis, for starters. You're gonna need copious documentation stretching all the way back to 2007.


almost a legal beagle, maybe just a chihuahua said...

if class action is federal, doesn't that mean you can include tumblr in litigation? I think u can if u asked them to remove the pages and they didn't.
just some advice. they've already been sued for facilitating slander, but u have to ask them to remove the pages first

don't forget, lq called u racist. make her prove that one too.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Ohh, I will. :) I have cataloged about 26 different online accusations from Lisa (some particularly incendiary, calling me a sexual harasser, fetishist, chaser, etc), and "she" will be proving them all, or paying up. Since I have been faithfully married for 27 years, don't look at porn or even go to clubs, this can easily be labeled defamation, an attempt to break up my marriage as well as trash my character. Since I do use the name "Daisy Deadhead" publicly in the media, this attempt to defame me is a deliberate, politically-motivated slanderous/libelous effort, and we will be arguing it that way.

Its actually pretty clear-cut. All we need is their name. :)

And of course, tumblr has not removed shit. That was the first thing I did, ask them to remove Lisa's babbling and slut shaming. (I counted on them to ignore me, and I did keep copies of my requests.)

Aside: its funny, Lisa keeps bleating that is not her IP that I posted on Flickr, but keeps complaining that I printed it. If its not her IP, why would she care? LOL. Doesn't make a lot of sense.

Seattle is such a wacky place, all that legal weed.

Anonymous said...

d, didn't you get lisa's IP from margaret jamison? if so, it was discovered thru lisa leaving multiple obnoxious MRA comments on margaret's blog so i know you got the right one. (Datalight is the ISP)

lisa's twitter even says he lives in washington, so he got a little sloppy there:

its him alright.

almost a legal beagle, maybe just a poodle said...

datalight isn't ISP. that's prob where he works if he always hit yours & margaret's blog from there.

only 30 employees at datalight. dimes to doughnuts one of them is lq. I am checking thru the list of employees at LinkedIn.

u could probably have him served right on the job. do you think he could actually be the CEO, roy sherrill? That would be pretty outrageous since "lisa" regularly begs for money online. [could he really be *that* much of a dick? A rich CEO pretending to be an impoverished tranny online? that might alienate his friends who contributed - all the way back to "Questioning Transphobia"]

on the job, d. more to come. :)

Anonymous said...

D, saw your screenshot over at BLC, "Lisa Harney is now following you on Quora"

It's a determined little bugger, isn't it?

My preliminary research suggests Lisa is actually a bored, affluent, white cishet housewife named Kerri, who has too much time on her hands. Or maybe Kerri and the husband? Like maybe a married couple getting off on the whole autogynephile/sexual arousal thing? It must be "exciting" to be able to fool so many actual trans women.

Still not totally sure if Kerri is Lisa, but if that turns out to be the truth? Will the trannies defend a cis woman pretender? One that regularly begs for money online (and receives it) over 8-10 years? Why would someone who already has money do that? Just an ego thing, to prove everyone believes their fake identity? Because the continual financial deception is really the icing on the cake.

If this was a cis man, they'd excuse him and say "he's really a woman!" But since this could really be a cis woman? I think they might peel and eat LH like a banana.

As you've noticed, they don't let cis women get by with anything, only cis men get a pass.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Oh God. You don't even know the half of it. He checks every other day or so, and I haven't even updated since the election. He's one of my most loyal followers! (barf)
He hasn't deleted anything, so the libel accusation is still accurate and operative.

Yeah, he is still stalking me and then claiming I am the one doing the stalking. Good work if you can get it! I think they learn those reversals as they grown up as smug, overprotected little boys who can do no wrong.

Wait, you are saying LQ isn't a little boy? I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you. The entitlement and narcissism reek with manhood... maybe she gets that from her enthusiastic, cooperative spouse? A married couple, interesting idea. (This would explain the various misspellings and biographical inconsistencies we discussed earlier.)

Sent you a message on FB, wanted to start a topic about it later.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Hey yall, this thread is compromised and not really safe to post in anymore. He is checking it constantly and just posted on tumblr about it. My God, what a freak.

Lets keep it all in the FB group instead. That is private and he can't see it. Anyone wants to help out, drop me a line. I am taking applications.

IP under inspection is

(PS: They live in Snohomish? That is some spread.)

Anonymous said...

i saw it, daisy

i have something to share abt lq

check fb msgs

Daisy Deadhead said...

Just deleted a comment in this thread. I will be deleting all further comments, for security purposes. Send email to me directly or send me a message on Twitter, Tumblr or Facebook.

IPs of people who made a beeline for this thread, immediately after the comment: — [IP Address]
Operating System: Win8.1
Location: Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Resolution: 1920x1080
Browser: Chrome 39.0

Most interesting:

Visitor Analysis & System Spec

IP Address: — [IP Address]

Operating System: Win7
Location: Anonymous Proxy
Resolution: 1280x695
ISP: Teknikbyran I Sverige Ab

Goodness! All this cloak and dagger.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Got another one, probably one of the Georgia-residents already mentioned in this thread:

Browser: Chrome 39.0
IP Address: — [IP Address]
Operating System: Win7
Location: Cumming, Georgia, United States Resolution: 1366x768

Daisy Deadhead said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Daisy Deadhead said...

I now have enough to doxx several of the primary parties mentioned on this thread.

I am refraining from doing so at this time, since I think doxxing is wrong, but will use this information to protect myself, if I have to.

Meanwhile, Laurelai/Wesley Bailey (mentioned several times in this thread) is continuing their provocateur behavior and busting up the trans community, right on schedule. (Bailey and cohort discovered an old sex offense of a political enemy and used the information to get rid of them,, Roy Cohn style... we can expect more of this horizontal hostility in future, as they tend to their appointed duties)

Good call, trans avenger.

Daisy Deadhead said...

Laurelai, govt informer, tried to fake her own suicide:

Honestly, its better than an old Harold Robbins novel.

Anonymous said...

daisy, please contact me. im the one left u msg on fb.

more dox :)