Saturday, January 4, 2014

BJUnity on Occupy the Microphone

Yesterday's Occupy the Microphone radio show was especially awesome, as we interviewed Jeffrey Hoffman of BJUnity, the 'unofficial' organization for LGBT folks at Bob Jones University, past and present; including students, alumni, faculty and staff.

It was a great show, and you must go listen immediately.

Below: 1) Jeffrey talks about the cultish environment of Bob Jones University; 2) me interviewing Jeffrey; 3) Daisy, Jeffrey and fabulous co-host Double A, the rock and roll diehard.

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Gorgeous Gregg said...

It was indeed a great show, although I must say that I am sick and tired of men with a full head of hair. *Grin*

If y'all haven't listened to the show yet, you really should. It's a humdinger.

dtempbaritone1 said...

Absolutely horrific!! What on earth is this group doing??? Yo are hurting the cause if Christ and your alma mater. One of the only bastions of hope and christianity left in the nation. This is an spalling group to go against Gods teachings of homosexuality. As a grad of Bob Jones in 1993 i am very proud of BJ. Ive been in the military for over 19 years and continue to see that BJ stands alwAys for christianity and righteous living. I truly hope this group dissolves. What a terrible group. Darren Templeton. 1993