Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Videos of the year

My usual criteria for "best video" is: the one I listened to the most, after I first posted it. This year, departing a bit, and starting with CUTEST VIDEO OF THE YEAR!

Or the decade, maybe.

Their little tails are so adorable!!! SQUEE!

Hopping goats (they're babies!!!! Ohhh my gaaaawwwwwddd!)

Funniest video, I found over at Tumblr, so unfortunately, not sure how to transfer it over here. So HERE is the link. Shake it off, shake it off... (I'm sure I've seen that guy.)


And here is Dead Air's official VIDEO OF THE YEAR. The thing is, I neglected to post it, just listened to it a bunch of times. Luckily, I can rectify that now. NOTE: The song is only about 4 minutes long (if that), but this video length is over 8 minutes. (?) The last 4 minutes are just silent. Not sure what's up with that... but the song itself isn't long.

It's totally addictive to anyone (like me) who grew up listening to old country music and slide guitars!

Ray Wylie Hubbard - Three Days Straight

I went down to see the fortune teller
was gonna get my future read
She looked at my hand, she said its bad
Crossed her eyes and fell back dead

I hate it when that happens.

Commercial: Tonight, WNCW-FM features the annual Warren Haynes Christmas pre-jam rebroadcast at 8pm EST, so tune in all you jambandz fans. (livestreaming HERE)

Happy Deadhead New Year, yall!


JoJo said...

OMG THOSE GOATS!!!!!!!! TOTES ADORBS!!!!! TOTES MAGOATS!!!!!! (please say you've seen that commercial) lmao

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Conseglieri said...

They are insanely cute. *Big smile* Just don't show this to Ms. Conseglieri as she'll no doubt demand goats at once.

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