Saturday, October 19, 2013

Confederate Memorial

We went down to Springwood Cemetery, because Mr Daisy discovered that one of his favorite mystery authors was buried there, John Dickson Carr.

And so, while we were there, we had a look around. It was cloudy and overcast, giving off a perfect Halloween vibe. We saw some interesting tombstones, many very old.

This statue was on a toddler-aged child's tombstone, very poignant:

This being the South, lots of references to heaven:

Springwood Cemetery is well-known as a famous Confederate resting place. There are countless tombstones accompanied by the historic CSA (Confederate States of America) marker. Many are unmarked stones. It is a popular site for genealogical researchers, as well as history buffs.

Memorial to General Robert E Lee:

Interestingly, it is now known as Main Street, and hasn't been called "Dixie Highway" since I have lived here.

And there is a Confederate Memorial with some sobering words on the side. I knew as soon as I read it, I had to share it here.

The monument reads:

All lost, but by the graves
Where martyred heroes rest
He wins the most who honor saves
Success is not the test
The world shall yet decide
In Truth's clear far-off light
that the soldiers
who wore the Gray and died
with Lee, were in the right.

Obviously, speaking from 2013, Truth's clear far-off light has decided the opposite. But see, how utterly certain they were? As certain as today's war-partisans are.

And I often wonder, how will history judge us?


JoJo said...

I had a friend who lived in Alabama for a year and said all the courthouses in the south that were built/rebuilt after the Civil War have their backs to the north. Is that true in SC, if you know? I love old cemeteries. I could shoot in them for hours.

DaisyDeadhead said...

I have heard that too, and it sure looks that way... can't confirm if this is true or just a colorful story!

Kim said...

You're still here!!! Kim here, aka Sparklepony Kim, aka former feminist blogger aka just fun blogging now :) So glad you're still around -- I'm here now:
Anyone else from "the old days" still around? Ren?