Saturday, August 17, 2013

Internet Break One

Taking an internet break, sorely needed. Going to Texas, photos to come.

Aside: I hate flying. I have come to regard Southwest Airlines as the equivalent of Greyhound Buses in the Sky (with less leg room).

I have been reading David Buckley's biography of Elton John, wherein I learned of Elton's 70s-era bedroom-in-the-sky, complete with fur bedspreads and all the drugs you want. I guess you have to be Elton John to afford that? (see photo at left, courtesy of Celebrities in Flight blog post at Getty Images.)

Liberace wept!


Our radio shows this past week: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (sperm donor/IVF edition), Thursday, Friday.

Today at McAlister Square (broadcast location of our show), the Greenville Literacy Association's Really Good, Really Big, Really Cheap Book Sale ... be there or be square!

In addition, OCCUPY THE MICROPHONE will be tabling (and reading Tarot) at the Spartanburg Music and Arts Festival in early September, so come on out.

Also wanted to let people know about the Generous Gardens project. WE APPROVE!

See you in about a week, peoples.


JoJo said...

Have a blast on your trip! I agree about flying; it's so wretched now.

D. said...

Greyhound doesn't have flight attendants who moonlight as stand-up comics, though.

Enjoy yourself in Texas and off the Internet (hmmmm...break from 'Net? Naaaaaahh...) and...stay progressive!

bryce said...

love his glasses, liberace is right

Gorgeous Gregg said...

You are sorely missed!

And, I'm not real big on flying either. Yuck.