Saturday, March 23, 2013

First Caturday of Spring

This is my very BEST photo of Cyril yet, by far! (Yes, Mr Daisy's man-legs are in the photo, but I think that's why Cyril is so mellow, too; he likes to sit by Dad.) The second kitty is the venerable Peace Cat, official cat of DEAD AIR.

Here we have Peace Cat AND Cyril together... Again, pardon the man-foot.

I finally remembered to post kitties on Saturday... and I was wondering: who decided the old tried-and-true feline meme, Friday Cat Blogging, needed to be updated? And why was it moved up one day?

And yeah, I got ANSWERS!--

Actually, they appear to be dueling memes: Friday Cat Blogging is clocked from March 14, 2003 and just celebrated its 10th anniversary as an internet meme. It was even written about in the New York Times.

Caturday dates from December 12, 2006, when cat photos were posted every Saturday on 4Chan. (A personal blog by the name CATURDAY dates from 2005, but does not appear to be connected to 4Chan.)

So, I guess you can pick whichever day you prefer. I am moving to Caturday since I love the sound of it.

As always, you can click photos to enlarge. Happy Caturday, everybody!


Anonymous said...

Nice legs for a guy.

JoJo said...

Hope you had a nice Caturday! I myself am addicted to Grumpy Cat and her brother Pokey. Cutest kittehs ever.

senchi said...

sweet kitteez.

Skaz said...

what breed is the grey cat, my cat looks exactly like that and i've always wondered what kind of cat she is.