Monday, February 18, 2013

Blogular updates

Great graphic comes courtesy YELLOWDOG GRANNY.

Blogger has unexpectedly monkeyed with the process of posting photos. Again. As stuffy Evelyn Waugh (disgusted with Vatican II and Mass in English) famously remarked: The same again, please. Those of you who have had your favorite soap or frozen burrito or bra discontinued, never to be found again, can totally relate... as can middle-aged bloggers who finally mastered something, only to find it CHANGED AGAIN, and NOT for the better.

So, now I must copy and paste my old photo-format and insert the new URL of the photo in its place, to get it to look the way I want. Growf.

The same again, please!

Which reminds me. Ratzinger, I mean, Pope Benedict XVI, is abdicating at the end of the month, which we discussed on the radio show. On Gregg's Friday podcast, he went into more detail. (Specifically: What type of crimes is the Pope allegedly seeking immunity from? Is it for protecting pedophile priests or Vatican bank-laundering dirty money?) I am personally hoping for an African or South American pope this go-round, although I am unsure if that would have any appreciable effect on doctrine. Still, we see that an Eastern Bloc pope had the undeniable effect of helping to take down the Soviets; Vatican funds were funneled directly to the Solidarity union in Poland. Might an African pope get some of that Vatican cash for a similar fight against tyranny? Certainly, the possibilities are endless.

And speaking of religion: I have started reading an intense, smart fella named Dan Fincke, who is my kind of atheist. His blog is named "Camels with Hammers"... apparently, Dan has not read my smug young critic of last summer, who confidently assured me that Nietzsche is totally YESTERDAY, man. Direct quote: "You do know that he was discredited ages ago, right? Only alienated teens take him seriously any more."--just like the Beatles, one assumes. Is that a bummer or what?

You are hopelessly OUT OF IT, Mr Fincke! (But a very entertaining writer.) If I EVER get around to fixing the broken blogroll (something else Blogger supposedly "made better" and instead, made horribly worse)--I will be including you posthaste. Please accept this friendly mention in the meantime!


I forgot to re-post THIS on February 17th: my account of the lynching of Willie Earle, which took place here in upstate South Carolina, 66 years ago. I DID remember the date (rather late in the day) and posted a link on Twitter and at the South Carolina Progressive Network page on Facebook.

Please pass it on... its my own small contribution to Black History Month.


Daniel Fincke said...

Thanks for the shout out! I hope to see you around Camels With Hammers!

JoJo said...

I've been having a lot of issues w/ photos and Blogger too. :(

Blue Heron said...

I haven't noticed anything different with Blogger. What am I doing wrong? or right?

DaisyDeadhead said...

Thanks Dan!

BH, I have been using the same format since 2007, and you probably updated yours a long time ago... as we discovered when I tried to take your advice about how to lengthen the blog header. I think I am one of the last people using the antiquated format. I had the same trouble the last time I tried to post a YouTube video, and had to check "old code" before I could embed. (sigh)

Its like I have an old car that I can no longer find parts for... oh wait, I've got that too, don't I? ;)

Blue Heron said...

When you want to embed you just have to toggle over to HTML from compose. Then shift back to compose once it is embedded and post.

DaisyDeadhead said...

BH, what I want is for the text to be *flush* against the photo at the top (as it is in a magazine or newspaper)... just as it looks in this post, where I wrote "graphic courtesy of..."

Unfortunately, the *new* (default) way starts the text way at the bottom right of the photo, and I don't like it that way. Yechhh. I want it at the top, exactly the way it is here in this post. That used to be the default, and now it defaults to the bottom of the image. Who decided THAT?

To make it look that way, I had to copy and paste the old html code and then insert the photo URL. (I type all my posts in html, never in compose.)

Picky, picky... but it used to be easy to do, and now it isn't. They need to give people the option to change, rather than force it on us.

Blue Heron said...

There's an interesting Jaron Lanier post on my blog right now about the technology forcing us to modify our behavior - especially the googles of this world. Give him a listen, one of the smartest people on the planet.

I am not really sure what you are trying to do with the photo, can you give me a better frame of reference?

DaisyDeadhead said...

Okay, look at the this post and how the text 'hugs the side' (right margin) of the photo, and then look at the Keystone XL Pipeline post (right after this one) and how the text *skips over* the photo. The Keystone post-layout is the default now, but didn't used to be... I prefer it the way this post is.

Blue Heron said...

You have the option of putting the picture left, right or center. The size of the photo file will dictate if the text can fit in the margin or not. Play with a photo in all of its various sizes and orientations and then check preview to see if it looks good to you. I don't believe anything has changed. Some of my online photo group have reported similar issues and I think it might have to do with the specific browser they are using. I tend to work in Chrome. IF you are using Explorer you may want to experiment with Chrome of Firefox.