Saturday, December 1, 2012

Occupy the Microphone!

As of today, the Daisy Deadhead show (archives here) is no longer on WFIS-AM in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. (Our final show on that radio station was last Saturday.) I am proud to report that our show has now evolved into Occupy the Microphone.

At present, we are an online podcast, but after the first of the year, our plucky broadcast crew will move to WOLT-FM here in Greenville, South Carolina. Onward and Upward! Hopefully, the podcasts AND the radio shows will simultaneously continue.

Double A and Gregg Jocoy have been doing Occupy the Microphone podcasts Monday thru Wednesday at 8:30-9:30pm EST, with Scotty Reid of the indispensable Black Talk Radio Network doing Political Prisoner Radio on Thursdays (also at 8:30pm). Yesterday, I tried my hand at the podcast for the first time at 3pm, and it seemed to go well. I reviewed Damien Echols' fabulous book about being unfairly sentenced to Death Row in Arkansas (as one of the West Memphis Three), titled Life After Death. We talked about prisons and prisoners, the death penalty, the factors of race, class and mental disability in sentencing, and much more. Check it out.

We are getting our act together to take it on the road.

Although I enjoyed having a radio show named after me for well over a year, many folks expected something called "the Daisy Deadhead show" to feature Deadhead-type music instead of political yammering, which is our collective specialty. I figured it was a good idea to change the name. The amazing input (and hard work) of Double A and Gregg make it much more than a show named after ME, and it is important to acknowledge them... as well as the crucial role of the Occupy Wall Street movement in changing the leftist political landscape.

We have much more to say, do, attempt and express... and we very much hope you will join us.

Stay tuned!


JoJo said...

Congratulations on the evolution of the new show! Yes I could see where people would have expected you to be playing choice tracks from your fave tapes. lol

D. said...

I will have to go listen to the archives (are there transcripts?) since there's stuff I want to catch up on.

I hope you do get simulcasting; that's the way to get heard!

Speaking of the tapes you didn't play, somebody found a trove of Dead tapes, and I wish I'd blogged the story.

bryce said...

gonna miss your cartoon self on the title page, d. ;)

CyberCelt said...

Will you change the name of your blog? Congratulations.

DaisyDeadhead said...

CyberC, no, but I would like to update the banner... unfortunately, I have no clue how to do it. The relatively-easy website where I made that banner is long defunct. (sigh)

Blue Heron said...

You had your chance to do the cool grateful dead radio show, you could have integrated a little wharf rat into your diatribe. Would it have really hurt? Sigh. Man and womendom doth not live on polemics alone...If you got confused you could listen to the music play.

August West

Blue Heron said...

I will make you a beautiful banner to your custom fit and specifications, if you so desire. I'm pretty handy with them. Merely ask.


Conseglieri said...

You are the star. Double A and I are not nearly as good without you as with you.