Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The History Project - part 1

Introduction to The History Project

A couple of months ago, I posted an assortment of old leaflets, posters, propaganda, photos and other interesting paraphernalia on Facebook. People liked it and asked me if I had any more stuff.

That is an understatement.

I'm now extending my history-recovery project to Blogdonia. This will be an ongoing DEAD AIR feature! I'm hoping that people Googling old events/people/etc, will find something here that they have been searching for. I am deliberately choosing events/leaflets that seem to have been forgotten and/or have no other online history.

This historical ephemera (etc) is being posted in no particular order, just in the order I manage to find and date it. (There is TONS of stuff buried in my cedar chest, some in scrapbooks and some in folders.) If I tried to post it in chronological order, I'd NEVER get done.

You can click on any graphic to enlarge.

And don't forget, folks: POST YOUR HISTORY! Don't just wait for someone else to do it or it might not get done.

Official WELCOME to the DEAR AIR History Project! If you're visiting here for the first time, greetings! Hope you find something that interests you.



1) The cover of the widely-distributed Yippie Journal, SOUR GRAPES, published in Columbus, Ohio, 1974.

2) Program for "Haven Can't Wait: A Day in the Life of Abbie Hoffman" a play based on the Yippie-founder's life, New York City, August 23, 1978.

3) Cover of Red Tide newspaper, Detroit, MI, March 1978.

4) Poster advertising Wallflower Order Dance Collective show: Wildflower Brigade, Ohio State University, November 23, 1984

5) Poster by Citizens Against Nuclear Power, Chicago, IL, announcing protest against the Zion nuclear power plant in Zion, Illinois, Sept 29-20 1979.

6) Poster for "Women in Struggle" film series, Oakland/San Francisco, August 1981.

7) Poster for Wild Women (band) show at the Artemis Society, San Francisco, March 27, 1981

8) Poster advertising Midwest Alternative Press Convention, August 23-24, 1980, Columbus, Ohio.

9) Poster announcing Kate Millett at the "Women and Power" program series, Ohio State University, May 25, 1978.

10) Campaign poster for Jerry 'Babe' Smith, Yippie-affiliated anarchist running for mayor in Dayton, Ohio, 1980. He was a member of the band The Dates.


More history to come. Stay tuned, sports fans!


D. said...

Huh. I had similar documents, but over time they had to be tossed (moves, apartment cleaning, etc.).

I think my WBAI tshirt is still somewhere, though. (The late '60s WBAI poster is long gone, though.)

DaisyDeadhead said...

D, I have long been amazed at the lack of history... I find Wikipedia very difficult to navigate, and all those copyright questions!! Who knows who designed all of these posters; am I really expected to go find them at this late date? (LOL)

Easier to just go ahead and post it all here and HOPE Google and other search engines will properly index them for the people who are searching for this stuff. (If I have searched, I know I can't be the only one.)

JoJo said...

This is incredible!!! I am so glad you saved all this stuff. WOW!!!

bryce said...

awesome collection - i luv me some 'wild women' lol

Conseglieri said...

The "Wild Women" poster is the most punk, therefore it's the one I like the most...but....take a closer look at the "Haven can't wait" poster. "Directed by Ciprian LoGludice and Rip Torn" I found this remembrance page for Ciprian. Ciprian was the executor of the Terry Southern Estate. Southern and he co-wrote the play. Rip Torn is, of course, a hugely famous actor, known for everything from Men in Black, the mega-hits he was in with Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, to The Larry Sanders Show. I would add his involvement in this play to his IMDB page if I knew how to do so.

I have boxes of stuff from my involvement in the Citizens Party, and of course the Green Party, as well as student activism stuff and even high school stuff. An off-campus high-school "underground newspaper" in Brunswick, GA...in 1975...who was I kidding? *Laugh* Things of it is, only someone situated like me could have done that, even if only for two editions. Only a guy with disposable income and a secure enough spot in society can undertake to tweek the nose without getting bitten.

Conseglieri said...

From the remembrance blog:
Ciprian "Joe" LoGiudice, of Los Angeles and Zihautanejo, Mexico Art Dealer, Political Activist, Environmentalist, Film Producer, and Executor of the Terry Southern Estate died at home in Los Angeles on September 3, 2008. A major benefactor of the Chicago Seven, he hosted a benefit for the anti-war activists at his Ontario Street Gallery in Chicago and later harbored the fugitive Abbie Hoffman in Zihautenajo where Joe designed and built the famous Casa Luna, the house without walls, in a compound that included Larry River's Studio as well as the garden where Julian Schnabel painted with the assistance of Ramon Pedrazo, Joe's gardener and the husband of his faithful housekeeper, Concha Pedrazo. Here at Casa Luna, from the early seventies on, Joe and his wife, Patsy, generously hosted friends and enemies alike with great enthusiasm and humor.Most recently, through his participation in "Save the Bay", Joe was instrumental in preventing cruise ships from anchoring in the Bay of Zihautanejo. He was also producing "Five Easy Steps to Metaphysical Fitness", a documentary about the philosopher/comic, Emily Levine. Christo's first wrapping of a building in the United States, the Chicago Museum of Art, was produced by LoGiudice. Other artists he represented, in both his Chicago and New York Galleries, included John Chamberlin, Larry Poons, Mark de Suvero, Leon Golub and Jules Olitski.Joe is survived by his wife of 25 years, Patsy Cummings, his sister Marie Schmidt, his nieces, Renee Dax, Patty Pierce and Jody Fhadid, and his nephew, Alan Schmidt.

zhinxy said...

Oh hurrah this new feature! Such amazing history!