Thursday, July 29, 2010

Slouching towards Tibet

At left: Authentic Texas goat attempts to eat my camera.

Father Conner grew up in New Orleans, and used to tell us that as a child, he earned extra money from plugging and unplugging various lights and appliances during the Jewish Sabbath. The Orthodox Jews in his neighborhood didn't want to break the Sabbath rules, but still needed the lights on. Tsk! I would think, self-righteously. What kind of hypocrisy is that?

Likewise, on one of those cable networks, I saw how (so-called) high-caste Hindus employ low-caste Hindus to do their killing for them: vermin, bugs, whatever. In this way, the high-caste family doesn't take on the direct taboo of killing or exterminating, yet they still get the job done and get mice out of the house. Hmph! I thought similarly.

And in my arrogance and egotism, I guess I plumb forgot the rest of Father Conner's instruction, wherein he explained that this kinda thing was the human condition, and we all do it. (This is the genesis of the expression: having your cake and eating it too.) Today, a humongous ugly bug was outside my door, still alive despite being trapped inside our apartment building all night... and like always, I flung it over to Cyril, who happily munched away on it. I'm giving him protein, I told myself.

Father Conner came floating back into my memory, and I realized that I have been letting my cats kill bugs rather than do it myself, because yeah, I am trying to stop killing beings and all that good Buddhist stuff. Thus, I am exactly like the Jews and Hindus in the above stories. I am technically not "breaking the law".. but... well, yes I am.


Bob Dylan, one of many in my private Greek chorus, bubbles up in my brain:

Not even you can hide
You see you're just like me
I hope you're satisfied


Will I ever be able to let the creepy-crawlies roam about in my abode, without rousting some sleeping feline and pointing their snout in the direction of the 6-or-8-legged entity, knowing they will leap upon it in kitty-joy? Munch, munch.

Ohhh, what a thought. Yes, I can easily participate in vegetarianism, even veganism, but when I think of bugs, snakes, vermin and other such gremlins? Makes my proverbial skin crawl. I can't let them in here. What will people think of me? Better to let the cats do it, as a sort of half-assed solution.

Just like those folks that had serious paperwork to do, but still wanted to keep the sabbath, so they enlisted little Herb Conner to plug their lights in and gave him quarters for tips. And everyone was happy.

My self-righteousness in check, I get it now. And I laugh at our common humanity and accompanying dilemmas.


And just when you thought it was safe to go back into the waters of Blogdonia (nostalgic, summertime JAWS reference, for the baby-boomers in my readership)...

A comment of mine was pointedly not approved on a blog yesterday. Certainly, I'm not surprised, since the blogger's friends really dislike me. But it was a good comment; pertinent, polite, duly linked and on topic. It wasn't approved because I am still persona non grata. ((frowny-face))

Caution: Daisy climbs soapbox. (Last chance; leave now!)

The Tea Party reminds me of something... I stick my finger in the air, remembering that you don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows... and I remember THIS MOMENT. I remember the eve of Reaganism and the highly-charged political atmosphere of 1980. History and politics are cyclical. Deja Vu all over again. (In fact, continuing the historical comparison, I wouldn't be surprised if Obama is a one-termer, as Jimmy Carter was.)

And I am here to tell you: We cannot afford to be divided right now. As we were before.

I say this now to the young people, who have only known (as adults) the whole "Hope and Change" Obama-mantra... young people who think Dubya was a real right-winger (and you ain't seen nothing yet): We must come together. We do not have to agree on everything, but we MUST put aside differences and make political alliances. NOW. And these kinds of internal squabbles and petty grudges (I include my own) are a luxury; interpersonal fallout from being on the ascent. In about 5 years, the arguments will seem, well, rather silly. We will wonder why we didn't seize the moment and unite when we had the opportunity. And that window of opportunity will close. People you love will become Republicans, if they haven't already. People will convert to strict, austere religious sects that don't allow popular music. Weird shit will start happening and you will get scared, wondering if everything is going to hell in a handbasket.

To guard against despair, you need like-minded friends. And I offer myself as one.

Because I was there before, and I remember.

Just letting you know. When everyone suddenly seems to be on the Right, you will be heartily sorry for every sectarian snub, every missed chance to make common cause with lefties. Please put aside this cool-kids-clique-mentality NOW, because later, it will bite you in the ass in various and sundry ways, seen and unseen. The more diverse your involvements, the easier it will be to PIVOT (for lack of a better word) to a politically-expedient position when necessary. And the better off you will be.

If you back yourself into a strict, sectarian corner, huddled with only people like yourself who AGREE with you, then you very efficiently cut yourself off. You leave yourself extremely vulnerable in virtually every way. I know this from experience.

Please don't. Reconsider. If it is impossible for you to embrace ME, due to my cantankerous hippie ways, I can dig that... but please find other elder leftists or feminists, who remember the Reagan era and who can connect with you, giving you perspective and helping guide you through it.

I come in peace. Namaste.


No, I haven't totally GIVEN UP. I am still rabble rousing on behalf of my candidates, still working for alla them good causes. But as I said, I feel the change in the air. Don't need no weatherman. Sarah Palin is the Paul Revere of the movement, and she has effectively crowned my next governor. I have no reason to doubt her resolve, or any of the rest of them. By contrast, the left is currently in shreds; bedraggled and beleaguered. We can't even sustain a real live antiwar movement. (THEY have sustained their PRO-war movement.) I think they will easily kick us to the curb, unless we all WAKE UP.

And I still hear snoring. Hello? Anybody listening?


D. said...

I had thoughts about the reasons for the left's fragmentation, but, you kmow, research (and there are people who would return from the dead to pick nits with my analysis).

But I think it goes back as far as 1. natural tendencies and 2. Christianity.

We may well "be stuck inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again."

thene said...

I remember thinking, in the September and October of 2008, that it was the crazy time and it seemed like the world outside was falling to bits and in a few years time, we'd be looking back and wondering at how weird it had all got back then. Wow, was I ever naive.

It's that Republicans I love have become Birthers that really gets me down. :(

(The end of your post put Comfortably Numb in my head - in particular the version by Dar Williams and Ani DiFranco.)

JoJo said...

Hey I happen to agree with you. We're so divided. "United we stand, Divided we fall." So true. I fear that we are too far gone now, though. :(

What scared me was that in Seattle, on almost every corner there were young college student age kids, holding big signs that said, "Impeach Obama". They all had Hitler mustaches drawn on them. The signs also said something about NASA. I passed close enough to one to see who they were affiliated with and it was Lynden LaRouche.

You can always come to my blog and no one will pick on or snipe at you.

Sevesteen said...

I am hoping that the Republicans are not successful in co-opting the Tea Party. Small government is not the same as conservative, not a wing of the Republican party--Shrinking the part of government your opponents support is not the same as supporting small government.

I want a government too small to invade other countries, too small to restrict which adults can marry each other, too small to put people in prison for taking the wrong pills or smoking the wrong leaves.

...but I also want a government too small to worry about whether I have a gun as long as I'm not using it against others, too small to pay for my medical care, too small to support a welfare state.

I want to be responsible for myself. I will and do help others, but I want it to be on my terms.

DaisyDeadhead said...

Sevesteen, I know many people here in SC who agree with you; mellow, antiwar types who've just
HAD ENOUGH and yeah, I do get it. I hope you will prevail on the folks within your group, for balance and focus. :) So many just seem so *furious*--and some of us have seen that kind of unsettling anger before.

Joan Kelly said...

"If it is impossible for you to embrace ME, due to my cantankerous hippie ways, I can dig that."

Actually your cantankerous hippie ways make it easier for me to embrace you even when we are not in agreement on something. (I love cantankerous women, hippie or no.)

On a less hey-I-just-commented-to-fawn-over-you-Daisy note, I love that goat! And I find myself more likely the older I get to honor the fact that I will love people regardless of disagreements, even profound ones, versus how heavily invested I did used to be in us-vs-them (which often translated to me-vs-them anyway, which is not quite the same, ahem).

sheila said...

*snicker* on the Father Conner story....and Yes to your thoughts on coming together. We sure are in a bad divided state right now. I think it's going to take something completely bad to come together again. Which is horrible in itself...just the thought.