Tuesday, May 4, 2010

South Carolina Green Party Convention

At left: Dr. Morgan Bruce Reeves, South Carolina Green Party candidate for Governor! GO DOCTOR GO!

The South Carolina Green Party Convention was Saturday, May 1, at the Happy China restaurant in West Columbia. Yes, we all fit in one restaurant, with room to spare. (Hey, this is a certifiably RED STATE, so even that much is doing pretty good!) This was my first Green Party convention, and I was excited! I had a terrific time, but have been working at near-breakneck pace since, so I apologize for my obvious delay in coverage.

Indeed, it is something to consider: two of our candidates were working and could not be at the convention, and I ask you, when is the last time that happened at one of the MAJOR party conventions? (ha) We are a party of folks who work for a living, and I submit to you, it would be a far better government if politicians were genuine working people.


In a decidedly conservative state like this one, it was wonderful to meet so many progressives, working hard in their local areas and sharing their wisdom and experience. There was a lot of discussion about the oil spill off the Gulf, which is so upsetting to me that I can barely talk about it. Much discussion also, about the Green Party platform. (Not every candidate is in full agreement with the platform, which is also true for the major parties.)

In addition, I was thrilled to learn that South Carolina has TWO Green Party folks currently holding office: Eugene Platt (at left, holding sign) of the James Island Public Service Commission, currently running for SC District 115, and Lee Jane Kaufman of Columbia's Tree and Beautification Commission. I find it fascinating that Green Party candidates are routinely trusted (all over the USA) in these kinds of "small" political offices, reflecting the fact that local people really do care about conserving their local green spaces and protecting the environment they actually live in every day.

If this oil spill was in everyone's backyard? The Green Party would be running the joint.

Fact is, it IS in our backyard, but for some reason, the majority of people don't seem to view it that way. It is our task to make them see it the way we do.

As for me, I need to study some more, and have decided not to run for office myself until I am far more versed in the issues. (But yes, at some later date, this will happen.)

And I now present our other candidates:

Nammu Muhammad (who I could listen to all day) is running for US House District 6, in Columbia, where he already ran for mayor. Muhammad has been instrumental in saving the beleaguered Waverly neighborhood in Columbia, where the money-men and other evil gentrifiers have recently come calling.

And his son, Christopher Jones, a student at Midlands Tech, is running for SC District 74. Yes, Green Party political dynasties! If the Kennedys can do it, we can too.

Attorney General: Leslie Minerd, lifelong political activist and Columbia businesswoman... I have been to her store, Hip Wa Zee, and didn't even know it was hers.

Superintendent of Education: Doretha Bull

US Senate: Tom Clements, who will never get elected unless he gets over his hostility to FACEBOOK! :P

US House District 1: Robert Dobbs

US House District 24: D. C. Swinton

At left: fabulous Faye accepts her party's nomination.

Last, but certainly not least, fabulous Faye Walters, running against Bob Inglis for the District 4 congressional seat, where I live. FAYE FAYE ALL THE WAY!!!! FAYE FAYE ALL THE WAY!!!!

I can't remember how many times Faye has run for congress, but it's a bunch. (She is my role-model regarding how I should behave when I finally muster up the nerve to put my name on a ballot!) Faye has that enviable Southern-Lady-ability to get all indignant and angry and yet remain gracious and polite; she never cusses! I must study her closely.


Also speaking at the convention was Elke Kennedy, whom I have written about here at DEAD AIR. I have also written several times about her son, Sean Kennedy, the victim of local gay-bashers. His murderer, Stephen Moller, served a grand total of 359 days. This is because we have no second-degree murder charge in SC, as well as no hate-crimes law. Stephen Moller was therefore charged with manslaughter. Moller left an incriminating, nasty, bragging phone call on Elke's answering machine (right before the hospital contacted her, telling her that her son was in critical condition), which was inexplicably ruled inadmissible in court. The blood just boils.

A woman of quiet dignity and overflowing with genuine affection, Elke was simply a joy to meet, at long last. She has made the fight for a hate-crimes law in South Carolina, her own personal crusade. (Please visit Sean's Last Wish for information on what you can do!) She speaks of how she has met warm, caring, sympathetic folks from all over the USA, who have reached out to her. I was so honored to be one of them!


Don't forget: VOTE GREEN!!!! And if you are in SC, vote for our DOCTOR, who will HEAL OUR STATE! (Okay, you knew that was coming...)

All photos by me, from my Flickr page (yes...legally, I have to say that now)... And BTW, any Greens who didn't attend the convention are welcome to friend me on Facebook!


John Powers said...

Wonderful post! Thanks for your hard work. It's so hard to muster votes for third parties. But really it seems to me that the key values of the Green Party are ones that most people support. It's so important that people like you are making the case.

sheila said...

So, how did it turn out?

JoJo said...

I laughed when I read about the guy who hates FB. lol

I didnt' know you were thinking of running for office! Would it be for your town or the state?

Sarah said...

I'm lucky enough to now live in a fairly progressive area of the country, but since I used to live in a pretty conservative, isolated area, I can relate to how nice it must feel to find yourself in a room full of like-minded people in an otherwise hostile state. ^_^

Anonymous said...

over night is a lifetime in politics, Jon Stewart on Comedy Central cable/satellite tv just made a massive joke out of Alvin Greene. ......
.......Detailing all the "things" that measure a campaign, Greene has "a couple informal meetings" AND NOTHING ELSE leading up to his Tuesday victory ........
....... .......over local candidate Judge Rawls who did precious little more campaigning than Greene.

........Rawls took a week to vacation in Costa Rica, next door to the illegal trip location of Senator Jim DeMint in support of the coup de tat that exiled the legal president of that country in his pajamas last spring. OVER-NITE???$$$$

We Green Party of SC volunteers are working very hard to persuade DR Reeves to borrow or request a large loan from private or public lenders to finance and jump start his campaign into the major leagues.

......In the morning he meets with an attourney who has promised to render an opinion on how to combat media censorship of Dr Reeve's year long campaign to date.

..... The lawyer is also representing a client DR Reeves provides land clearing services.

....... For all the friends of the only honest competent candidate for governor, the time is now to dig deep and send donations to his website, buy his bumper stickers, pay for more signs and donate useful items or services so that the news media and comics do not render the same ridicule upon DR Reeves as has been done to Manning Army vet Alvin Reeves.
.......803-834-4704 is the campaign phone for #30 Bruce Reeves, Michigan State University Spartan running back drafted by the Baltimore Colts and traded after a pre-season career ending knee injury to the Detroit Lions. He is a African Methodist Episcopal minister, 2 phD's in Counseling and Church Administration, his Bachelors was in Urban Planning, this fine man is no politician but he is ready to be hired as a chief executive and make honest all the crooks that control our utilities and infrastructure.

..... There are no skeletons in our candidate's closet, just a lack of campaign cash. ,,,,,
...... To win we must be buying some early tv time for broadcast June 22 so that news media will not have an excuse to ignore our hero who will: .... complete reconstruction, who will: .... ask the world to invest in solar electric trains networking all our cities and coastal tourist destinations, who will: .....provide year round education and living wage jobs, full time 100 per cent employment leaving no family behind without support. ........ Yes we can, if only we can get donors and loaners to prime this pump for a million dollar race to the November finish line.
The Edward Family 843-763-7304

Anonymous said...

as for the US Senate Race, Tom Clements is the one man who can stop more nukes and shut them all down for solar, wind and wave electricity, sustainable industries, clean up pollution and filabuster war demanding peace. go to his website for the imperative candidate to end the nightmare of Jim DeMint representing multi-national polluters and harming our State with do nothing Rethuglican policies