Friday, July 10, 2009

Old school Friday: I don't need no cure

Daisy reaches waaaaay back into her already-rusty memory banks this week, for some Old School music.



Express - BT Express


The Love I Lost - Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes


Great "time capsule" video for this one (from 1976), giving you some pretty good visuals from the US-Bicentennial celebration of that year. Lots of forgotten celebrities and commercials also represented!

This is in honor of Michael Jackson's will, leaving his children to Diana Ross in the event his mother can't take them... Also, I belatedly realized that I did not include her in my Diva Round-up last month, and Van would be so upset with me for that...

Love Hangover - Diana Ross

I don't need no cure/I don't need no cure...


Mama Moretti said...

I never knew title of 1st one - just that there was 'train noise' in it. So thanks for the title, at last!