Sunday, September 30, 2007

September 30, 1955

Photo from The Picture Showman

i saw the sign
it read fairmount
lookin for a deadman
a dead heroes haunt

found the stone
people chiseled away
take what you want
it's the american way

you son of a bitch
you tombstone snake
james dean is dead
what else can you take

you dug up dirt
left holes in the ground
in the dark of night
like a baskerville hound

i know why you came
why you take like you do
come like a parasite
steal home some cool

james dean is dead
i walked through his home
gave his aunt some flowers
talked for hours alone

i left his stone
some flowers and a card
two cigarettes and some matches
and a restless feelin to guard

been back many times
don't know quite why
nothin but a young cat
all heroes die

here's to the young cat
whose voice was once mine
to that mixed up..messed up
strange friend in time

james dean..still ever so cool

©2007 Rain