Saturday, June 30, 2007

Temperance and Loss

I did a reading yesterday, most disturbing. I knew R., the young woman, had some issues, but certainly, had no idea how daunting these issues were. I struggled to maintain my decorum, but some readings can manifest as almost-physical blows.

Temperance, reversed, crossed with Loss, were her significators. Representing her, a reversed Death. She then told me about her struggles with heroin addiction. In her Past, The World, showing me that she had come from a background and childhood of affluence, love and constant approval, which she acknowledged.

Where does addiction come from? Not just chemicals; she had gained 23 pounds in 2 months, she said. She had never met a substance she didn't like, she laughed nervously.

At such times, I am grateful not to be in my 20s. It is so difficult for sensitive, artistic, thinking young women now.

There was one good card, in her Family and Friends position.... Strength. I told her, these folks are always there for her, strong and capable, ready to accept her, love her, help her. She said she already knew that, but it was still hard to admit defeat. It was also very hard to see when she needed help, and usually didn't think help was necessary until it was too late.

And of course, the state of intoxication, getting high, is always there for her too.

I wish her every ounce of luck I have. I pray her friends and family, the source of her strength, will watch over and guide her.